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Quickspin is a slot machine development company based in Switzerland that first opened in 2011. They have always openly stated that the most important thing for them is the pleasure of the players, so that they get everything they need when switching to their slot machines. They didn't care about the profit they would make, and meeting their needs was second best. And throughout their existence, they went under the slogan "Slot machines - our life". They have been engaged in the production of slot machines all their lives and put their whole soul into their production. That is why Quickspin slot machines occupy a leading position in the industry. They know how to create slot machines and do it in their own style. Their slot machines always have a unique design, good sound design, as well as many additional functions. Most of the slot machines from Quickspin are filled with fun emotions, but there is also a hint of depression.

At the moment, only more than 30 slot machines are known from Quickspin. As we know, most of them can run on mobile devices and are well optimized for all types of operating systems. About 10 slot machines were released in 2018 and are outstanding works. They have excellent graphics and an original story. Quickspin tries to make something unique, rather than copying existing ones on the market. They also put a lot of emphasis on player retention. This is what they became famous in the market. The award system, which gives various prizes to players for the time spent on their slot machines, has brought this company huge popularity. Of course, you can find similarities between their slot machines and some other ones, for example, the concept of parties or other events made in the 3D style, but in the modern world this is not difficult to implement. The main achievement of this company is the so-called achievement engine. It allows players to monitor their progress and draw some conclusions about their game and further actions. This system allowed the company to attract a huge number of users who were undoubtedly satisfied with this innovation.

In 2016, this company was acquired by the huge Playtech Corporation. It was under the leadership of Playtech that many interesting applications for slot machines were released. It is not surprising that they were noticed by such a large fish on the market, because since the start they have received a huge number of awards in this industry. They are credited with such innovations as: mobile applications, excellent software, a good level of slot machines and the best optimization of games for smartphones. The list of awards also includes: best game of the year, quick start and social games. All these awards were received for a reason, they are deserved by hard work and high-quality approach to implementation. Playtech immediately noticed this company and realized that it should be bought before someone else took it. Initially, it was a very small company, but with great ambitions, and now it is a real giant in the field of slot machines. The number of employees exceeds 80, and when you did it was only 10. They have 2 main offices located in two different countries. They provide constant communication with customers, so if you have any questions, you can ask them to the support service, which is open 24/7.

Games from Quickspin

As we said earlier, Quickspin games are a fairly unique and high-quality product that is currently available in small quantities. In my experience, I can say that I have never met people who would not like any of the presented lots. This is a very big achievement - for such a small amount of games, you can't find a single bad one, it's worth a lot. Quickspin tries to optimize its games well and adapt them to all users, so all their slot games are translated into more than 20 languages and have support for about 40 currencies. Quickspin has all the necessary licenses to run this business. Their main license goes through the gambling Commission in England. This allows us to play their games in almost any country in the world.

As many people and opinions as there are, it is very difficult to please everyone, because everyone has their own taste and preferences, but Quickspin tries to take into account all the wishes of players and create a product that will appeal to the majority. From their games, you can see that they do it well. Based on research, it was found that a huge number of users prefer games with graphics that are made in a hand-drawn, cartoon style. In this regard, the development Studio puts a lot of emphasis on this concept. All the most popular slots have excellent graphics and animation components, which, of course, are made in the anime style. But these are not the only slot machines that this company has, if you do not like a drawn picture, then there is something close to reality for you.


I do not know how they do this, but they are very good at understanding what the user needs. One such example is the “tokens " feature, which allows players to earn unique tokens that can be spent in bonus games. This system allows you not only to attract a huge number of users, but also to keep them on your platform, because free coins that can be exchanged for something valuable always attract users. The most interesting thing about this feature is that it doesn't matter which slot you earned these tokens on, they can be spent on absolutely all slots. In addition, this function still has the property of developing and increasing with the level, and the amount of remuneration depends on the level. Is it really unpleasant for someone to just get free coins that can be exchanged in bonus levels, for example, for several free spins or an increase in the multiplier coefficient? Quickspin knows how to please the player and give them what they want.

Quickspin is trying to implement this system in all slot games, but it is not yet feasible, but it will be implemented in the near future. Absolutely all slot machines are optimized for the most modern technologies, for example, slots have adapted to the html5 standard. These innovations also prevent the token function from being implemented at the moment. Another important criterion why this feature is not possible in all slot machines is that some slots do not have standard bonus systems, so it is not possible to implement them at the moment. Well, as we know, Quickspin is a very creative and far-thinking company that employs real professionals. I am sure that they will be able to do this as soon as possible.

Another innovative feature to attract users is “achievement". It allows organizers to create so-called tournaments in which everyone can participate. As a result of this tournament, players receive huge prize money, which can also be spent on bonus levels in any slots.

Diamond Duke

Diamond Duke - this slot was developed by Quickspin and is a classic type of slot machine. The symbols here are familiar to all of us fruits. This slot may not bring big winnings, but it will always give a small income for the usual symbols that appear on 3 reels.

Diamond Duke is a slot machine that has three reels and more than four paylines. The maximum possible win is more than 5000 bet coefficient. However, to earn more, you need to get into the bonus game, which gives you access to several free spins and an additional multiplier. The RTP of this slot is 96%. This indicator is not something special and, in principle, is in every slot machine.

This slot machine has a 3 by 3 grid and can fill nine positions. If the player knocks out all the winning combinations in all positions, and the total can be 5. The winnings will not amount to such a large amount, but if the player can knock out a bonus level, in which he will receive an additional multiplier, which can also multiply by itself, then the amount of winnings can be very big money. In General, this slot is held only by additional bonus features. Only in this case you can earn a huge amount of money.

To get to the bonus level, you need to fill the grid with the same symbols or knock out 3 scatter wheels. For the scatter wheel, you can get up to 10x multipliers.

What is the Pick and Click bonus?

Pick and Click is a bonus level that eventually gives players extra coins. The level consists of 3 parts, each part has its own specific win, for example, on the first part, the user can increase their bet 10 times, on the second 15, 3 to 20 times. If you do not want to continue participating in this bonus program, you can simply withdraw the amount you won.

Quickspin reminds that the volatility of this slot is about 5 and it can't go up any more, but this means that the risk of winning a large and large amount of money is very high, so the RTP is kept around 96 percent.

Wild Cauldron

Wild Cauldron is a slot machine from Quick Slot company. The design of this slot is made in a cartoon style, and the story takes place in a magical town. A world where there are magical creatures and various monsters that will guide you through this wonderful world. Go to the official website of the manufacturer and start playing Wild Cauldron. Feel the magic atmosphere on the 6 reel slot machine.

All winning combinations appear at the bottom of your screen, because this slot uses the mechanics of cascading series shifting. This means that new rows with new symbols will appear from top to bottom, thereby shifting the entire structure down. The game has a wild symbol that multiplies your bet amount. The developers also added an unusual potion bottle to the game, which acts as a symbol. If you knock it out, you open the function of additional games that will not require anything from you. The maximum win that a user can get is 20,000 bets. This slot is also optimized for all types of mobile devices, so you can play your favorite game anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection.

The design of Wild Cauldron is made in a very interesting and animated style. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a large magic cauldron, from which green liquid is poured, and a field with winning combinations appears above it. Also, this boiler evaporates steam, which is drawn to the brightly glowing candles. These candles are located on the table, which is located on the right side of the screen. In the distance, you can see an unusual magic hat, apparently left by a wizard.

The entire composition is made in dark colors, which is evidenced by the night starry sky in the background. The scenes are very well constructed and fully convey the atmosphere and warmth of magic. Some people may not like the cartoon style, but you should still try this slot. We think that most users will like it not only for its interesting styling, but also for a lot of additional features that allow you to win a huge amount of money. You can also see some nice cartoon characters on the reels. You can't ignore the excellent sound component. The music is pleasant and really immerses the player in the world of magic and something unusual. If you have watched the most popular movie about monsters monsters Inc, you will see a lot of similarities with this movie. Fans of this work should like it.

Wild Cauldron includes several parts of the game, so if you like one of them, you can try the rest. We recommend that all fans of magic and something magical try this slot. You will definitely like its stylization, musical accompaniment, as well as a lot of interesting and mysterious characters. Go to the official website of the manufacturer and immerse yourself in a real magical world with mysterious characters and a great story.

This feature of the reels, which is called cascading, is not the newest innovation in the industry. But Quickspin has worked this feature down to the smallest detail and expanded a number of its features. So the game process causes a lot of emotions and I want to play again and again. As for the game process? It is quite simple and suitable for new users. If you have just started to conquer this industry, we strongly recommend that you try to start with this slot. We are sure that with a little practice you will be able to earn real money in our casinos.


The developers of the company Quickspin is definitely a creative personality. They have a huge number of ideas and plans that they want to implement.

Vampire Senpai is a masterpiece from the company Quickspin. They worked on this slot machine for a long time, came up with the whole story, styling, and game content. A lot of time has passed since this slot was released. The developers apparently paid great attention to Chinese culture, its folklore, and people's behavior. This slot conveys the whole atmosphere and mood of the afterlife, which is transmitted through the main character VAMPIRE SENPAI. Well, if you are afraid that it will be too dark and something like that, then you should not worry - the developers took care of this and released a slot machine in a cartoon style. As a result, we got a rather fun and interesting slot machine that will suit absolutely all casino players. Quickspin tried to soften the theme of the afterlife so that it would not cause strong disgust, but how do you understand this?

The developers changed the style of the characters ' faces, made them more cute, pleasant, cheerful, and so on. All of these faces are represented on symbols that will fill the 5-by-5 grid. This grid is located inside a huge Chinese house, which has a Golden roof and lanterns on the sides. The atmosphere of the slot takes us to the Chinese garden, which is filled with mysticism and various wonders. Here you can feel both the atmosphere of darkness and some pleasant exciting mysticism. In order not to escalate the situation too much, the developers have added a nice calm soundtrack that allows you to relax and spend your time in peace. The most important thing is that no matter in which mode you play: in the normal classic or in the additional bonus mode, the music always remains in a calm state.

At the very beginning of the game, you are given the opportunity to choose the amount of your bet, you can change it using the vertical arrows up or down. The minimum bet amount is 10 pence, and the maximum bet amount is 100 euros per spin. After you have successfully selected the required bet, you can start the game itself. The volatility of this slot machine is 3 out of 5. And RTP is held at 96 percent. Thanks to these indicators, this slot is kept in the top of the industry. And, probably, few people will complain about low profitability.

The game has more than 40 paylines. But to win the jackpot, you need to collect 3 identical symbols. The largest character is the main character VAMPIRE SENPAI. Cheap symbols are considered to be card signs from J to A. All symbols are also stylized in the Chinese style, so the card symbols are drawn as a brushstroke. Also in the game there are expensive symbols, which are also depicted as characters. Each of them gives its own coefficient of increasing the bet from 1 to 10 times. Some of them are wild, which gives an increase of several times, so you can increase your bet, or rather the amount of winnings, by 40 times.

Perhaps at first glance it may seem that VAMPIRE SENPAI conveys a flared Asian theme, but this is far from the case. In VAMPIRE SENPAI, a slightly different side of the culture rises, which is far from familiar to everyone. This fact alone makes you try to play this slot machine to enjoy the amazing story.

Arcane Gems

Arcane Gems is a slot machine from Quickspin. It consists of 5 reels and about 8 paylines. The minimum bet amount is 10 pence and the maximum is 100 euros. RTP is still at 96 percent. The maximum win rate can be more than 5000. To earn more, you need to try to knock out winning combinations, because each winning combination gives you the right to make another free spin. If you hit a winning combination, your bet amount increases 5 times, and if you fill all 5 reels, you will increase your multiplier to 25.

This slot has two bonus programs. The first, as we said above, is to catch a winning combination and get free spins. Each additional Spin multiplies the coefficient by 5, and if you collect all the symbols, it is multiplied by 25. How the function works. When you knock out a certain symbol, it is fixed in its place. There can be a lot of such symbols, if you knock out three of them, you get another spin, and also increase your coefficient. As soon as the first reel is filled with these secret symbols, you get to the bonus game, in which for each additional mysterious symbol, you increase your coefficient.

The slot machine has three rows and about 8 paylines. The winning combination consists of three or five identical symbols. They can be collected contiguously in any place. The RTP is fairly average at 96%. The volatility is about 3 out of 5.

The design of the slot is made in a very unusual style. You find yourself in mysterious caves where you need to find precious stones. All graphics are made in 3D styles, animations are smooth and there is a musical accompaniment. Thanks to 3D graphics, it feels like the characters just fly out of your screen. This fascinating phenomenon is very attractive to the users. All the music is played on a live piano, it allows you to relax and calm down.

The grid is located in an unusual jewelry box. Various jewels are used as symbols. The most expensive is a blue diamond. It increases your coefficient by 25. Like all previous games, Arcane Gems is well optimized on mobile devices, so you can play your favorite game anywhere and have an Internet connection. The game process is quite simple and perfect for new players. If you are new to the game, then you should try Arcane Gems. You will get a lot of live emotions, as well as try your luck and win the biggest jackpot.



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