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Iron Dog Studio

Neon Jungle

बेट की सीमा
€ 0.20 - € 40.00

The gambling studio Iron Dog invites the lovers of casino in the "Neon Jungle". In the slot machine, there are five reels, three rows of pictures and twenty constantly used lines.

The RTP of the slot is 96%.

A white tiger, a red macaw, a blue frog, a green butterfly, a pink flower and neon letters denoting cards from jack to ace - these symbols are used as basic ones. Wild (monkey) - is responsible for changing the icons in the chains. It cannot replace only other special symbols.

Scatter (chameleon) is not tied to active lines. If it is surrounded by a neon ring, it brings a payment of 250 coins.

Free Spins (snail) starts free-spins, if it turns out in a neon circle.

Bonus (flamingo) gives a start to the prize round when a neon glow appears on top of it.

In any spin around the symbols, the neon ring may appear. If it surrounds the pictures from the winning combination, the payout increases in 4 times. If it occurs on top of special symbols, the corresponding prize round starts.

In the bonus game, you have to play keno. Choose 10 numbers out of 28. Then the program will determine 15 winning numbers. Payment is guaranteed even if no matches are found. It can be from 50 coins to 20 000 conditional chips.

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