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Triple Edge Studio-is one of the leading studios of game developers for slot machines. If you have never heard of them, then you may be familiar with such a slot machine as Playboy Gold. The company has made a huge technological breakthrough, thereby bringing the industry to a new stage of development. The graphics component of all games is at an incredible level, many large companies are trying to get Triple Edge, but without success.

In 2017, the company signed a major contract with the legendary Microgaming supplier. They began to supply their games only to this supplier, which earned them worldwide respect and popularity. Among the latest updates, we can highlight the Book of Oz slot machine, which has gained huge popularity for interesting mechanics and huge winnings.

Microgaming positioned themselves as the leading suppliers, so Triple Edge Studio is undoubtedly lucky that they managed to get into such a large company. Their slot machines are distributed outside of the United States of America. Taking into account the statistics of the past years, the studio has developed about ten high-quality slot machines that have completely turned the industry around. At first, the games from Triple Edge Studio were not so popular, but over time they began to learn more and more about them. But what is so popular with this studio, and what slot machines are considered the best.

The most important thing is work and perseverance. Triple Edge Studio puts all its efforts into the development and development of its games. They are sure that the client is reported to feel confident and calm, so the game design and game mechanics are aimed at ensuring that the player gets maximum pleasure from the process. It is also worth noting the amazing graphic component, which is ahead of time for several years ahead. High-quality textures, detail and an excellent selection of color shades give each machine its own uniqueness and uniqueness. The plot of the games is addictive, and you always want to come back to once again plunge into this atmosphere. Musical compositions are also a separate topic. Such pleasant, and most importantly suitable soundtracks can not be found in any game of other companies. Triple Edge Studio has shown from its first works that they are ready to go to any lengths for the comfort and enjoyment of the client. They never doubted their success for a second, so they were able to achieve such results.

Winning huge amounts of money in slot machines from Triple Edge Studio is really possible. To do this, you have various options, but the most important thing is to choose the right slot for you:

  • What is available at the moment?
  • Let's first understand and try to answer a few simple questions that will help you form your expectations before starting the selection:
  • Does the name of the game, its release year or popularity matter to you?
  • Is there a need for the casino to regularly update its game lists, adding new releases from manufacturers to them?
  • Is there a need for bonuses or other special offers for an individual slot?

Many online casinos provide their users with free spins, which can be obtained absolutely without any investment. Just use the service and soon you will receive your bonuses. Triple Edge Studios Casino offers its users a huge number of bonuses and promotions that apply to most popular slot machines. So for Book of Oz, users can get several free spins for this particular slot machine. Free spins allow you to increase your chances of winning, as well as significantly increase the win rate. All you need to do is register on the official portal of the Triple Edge Studios casino and play any games right at home or on the way to work. Yes, it is worth mentioning that it is possible to use the casino directly from a mobile device with Internet access. Modern technologies allow you to create a high-quality connection to the servers, which, in turn, provides a stable connection for Android and iOS devices.

Our team has spent a huge amount of playing time in slot machines from Triple Edge Studios and can say with confidence that this time has definitely not passed in vain. Players can be sure that no one will deceive them, because all the information is publicly available, and everyone can read the rules and documents directly on the official website of the company. The studio provides a large amount of information on its games, which is good news.

Basically, Triple Edge Studios will host games from this company. Absolutely all types of slot machines from the oldest to the most advanced. The quality of the slot machine plays a huge role in the success of the company, because players need to provide only the highest quality equipment that will meet all modern standards. We can say with confidence that Triple Edge Studios creates real masterpieces that will remain in the memory of users for a long time.

Is it possible to play Triple Edge Studios for free?

The answer Is Yes. Each user, after successfully completing the registration, can log in to their account and go to the "Play for free"deposit.You will be transferred to a free table, where everyone plays for virtual currency. This method is very popular among beginners, because everyone wants to win, but before you start, you need to train. You heard right, play — for free. People would be surprised if it was completely different.

As mentioned earlier, the game was developed with the help of modern technologies, which means that real masterpieces in technology were used here. The game does not require any additional equipment. Everything that may be required will fit as much as possible into the abyss of settings. Now no Flash players are needed, just go to the site, register, get a bonus and start winning huge amounts of money. HTML5 technology takes over all the main work, which makes life easier for programmers.

You can also play for free using various no deposit bonus programs. They provide you with the opportunity to receive a certain amount of funds to your account after passing through the control point. Usually, a no deposit bonus is issued for the first registration on the casino website. Carefully read the rules of the promotion, read the small print, it is often written very useful information that can help not only you, but also other students.

Triple Edge Studios is a unique development studio that has been delighting us with its beautiful games for the past three years. The conclusion of the contract between Triple Edge Stuudio and Microgaming was forced, the only way they could break through to a higher level on the career ladder.

Microgaming assumes all the primary responsibility for running the business, communications, and so on.

As mentioned earlier, Triple Edge Studios cannot send their work to other developers in other countries under the contract. The work takes place in a closed space, but even from such a situation you can get out. The company on its website provides a huge range of games for every taste and color: you can find a more modern version, also the opinion is difficult, but one thing I can say for sure that the studio is not just ready to fight for a place in the sun, but also ready to endure the most severe difficulties.

Let's go directly to the vending machines

The first worthy product was Playboy Gold. A large slot machine with six reels, ten positions. There is a giant blocks feature that brings down stones on the middle line, filling the entire middle line with new symbols. You can knock out a bet multiplier, free spin, and much more. The game has received many awards and good reviews from a huge number of users. With this game, the career of Triple Edge Studios began to move only up.

The next, but not particularly inferior project will be Halloween. It was born in 2017 and from the very first days began to gain huge popularity among users. The game was noticed and many critics gave their positive ratings. There are features such as: Giant Blocks, a Wandering reel, free spins, multipliers and much more. The mechanics are dynamic. More than one hundred and fifty paylines, they are determined by the wandering reels. The three reels can move through all the slots until a winning combination is drawn. It will bring its owner a lot of bonuses absolutely by accident. The game was made based on a very popular slasher, starring Jamie Lee Curtis.

Heroes Multiplier Fortunes. Released for Quickfire operators. This is a very dynamic and animated slot, made in pleasant and unusual colors. It consists of a three-by-three grid and has nine paylines. There are also wild symbols, multipliers, and extra spins.

And finally, I would like to mention the game Oink Country Love. The game is more than three years old, it is very popular because of the large payouts and many ways to win a huge amount of money.

As a result, I would like to say that Triple Edge Studios has released many interesting projects that will be remembered by many for many years to come. Our team has long been familiar with some of the studio's projects, but the new Playboy 2018 should completely change the world, but we still have to see. You can try these slot machines from the best developer studio on the official portal of the studio or in the online casino of your operator, who has the opportunity to provide you with Triple Edge games.

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