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Iron Dog Studio is a developer studio that creates slot machines for online casinos. They were first noticed in 2016, when they introduced new innovative bonus features to the world. During these 4 years, they have achieved a lot and changed the industry for the better. Since 2016, they finally got to work and started releasing slot machines every month. The most important thing is that these are not just mediocre slot machines, each slot is unique and has a lot of nice bonus features.

At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing unusual in their machines. But this one is only in appearance, inside they have a huge number of advantages. Personally, I would like to mention the Gifts of Ostara slot machine, which offers its users huge winnings due to several free spins and an incredible bet multiplier. Most likely, slots from Iron God Studio will appear in most online casinos, because the popularity of this studio is growing exponentially. By offering a quality product, they are confident that they can change the industry for the better.

Iron Dog Studio - United Kingdom

As we know, the developer studio is originally from the UK, and their main office centers are located there. Before they started out, they were part of a 1×2 gaming network, but soon they began to realize that they could achieve more on their own. Therefore, they broke away together with 1×2 and as it turned out, they did not do it in vain. The success was not long in coming, but it is quite understandable. Unique game mechanics, interesting story lines, a lot of bonuses, huge payouts, what else can a fan of slot machines dream of? Exciting game concepts have taken this development studio to a completely different level. No one knows what else they can do.

Iron Dog Studio is gaining popularity

The development team has all the necessary permissions to distribute their games through the NYX platform. This opportunity was provided immediately after the start of the project. Thanks to this, slot machines from this studio can be seen in most popular online casinos. This list can be continued indefinitely, the main thing is that many users are likely to find slots from Iron Dog Studio in their online casinos without any difficulties.

MegaWays together with Big Time Gaming

As we know, Iron Dog Studio has received permission to use the game mechanics of MegaWays. And the first major project was created on this mechanic. And in 2019 was released on the take-off of the first major project Pirate Kingdom MegaWays. Today you can find a huge number of slots with MegaWays from Iron Dog Studio.

The first slot machines

Paint this Art — this slot machine has five reels and more than twenty paylines. And it is expected that there will be a Paint Free Spin feature here. Using this feature, you get five free spins. For each successful spin, you get additional bonuses: an increased multiplier, more free spins, and so on. In addition to Paint Free Spin, there is also a simple Paint function, where you need to pop the balls to get bonuses. The more balls you burst, the higher the chance to increase your winnings.

The best slot machine of the Iron Dog studio

Personally, in our opinion, one of the best slot machines of the studio is Viking Wild. Based on the name, we can assume that the theme of the games sends us to the cold Norwegian nights, snow-capped mountains. The slot is presented in the form of five reels and more than a thousand paylines. Everything is perfect here: graphics, music, mechanics, animations, bonuses and huge payouts. All these advantages are not taken from a simple place. Our team spent many hours in this slot machine, after which this opinion was formed. All the testers spoke only positively, because the project turned out to be really worthwhile and high-quality.

In Viking Wild, everyone wins. Excellent bonus programs allow you to increase your odds several times. Three wild symbols can bring users incredible amounts of money. There is the usual wild symbol, sticky, expanding. Sticky symbols can fall out with each symbol, which in turn contributes to the fact that sticky symbols start to fall again. It turns out that the winnings can increase by an incredible amount, depending on how lucky you are. Expanding symbols, in principle, no one is surprised. This is a standard feature in most slot machines. When such a symbol appears, they expand and give even more wild symbols on the reel. If you get three wild symbols in a row, you can start the free spins feature, where you can get increased coefficients and other bonuses for each successful spin. In general, the main task of this slot is to constantly multiply its multiplier. This can be achieved in several ways, which is an undoubted plus for the slot game. If you manage to win at least a few free spins, you can be sure that you will probably win a large amount of money. The maximum number of ways to win is 3125. Multipliers increase, which can lead you to an amount of 600-x times the winning amount. And this can be obtained in one spin.

Iron Dog Studio-mobile gaming

Like most modern companies, Iron Dog Studio has the ability to provide users with the mobile content of their favorite games. Mobile gaming became very popular in 2016, when phones moved to a new level and every user had unlimited access to the Internet from a mobile device. Android and iOS operating systems began to flood the world, and therefore, many analog enterprises immediately decided to switch to the Internet, because you can not delay. Many large companies have begun to slowly rebuild and create sites where the user can safely spend time without even leaving home. This type of activity immediately attracted everyone to the soul and already at the present time it is simply impossible to exist without it. The Internet space has flooded the world, and absolutely all companies have mobile versions of their websites.

The casino was no exception. People realized that you don't even need to leave your home or go to some places to play your favorite slot machines. Everything is already at hand in your smartphone. The main thing is to have a stable Internet access. Who would have thought that slot machines can always be at hand. You can play on your way to work or school, or just lie in bed. You can use absolutely any device: tablet, phone or PC. The main thing is that there is Internet access. Play your favorite slot machines at any time convenient for you.

Iron Dog Studio is such a modern company of developers, so it would be stupid not to create your own slot machines optimized for mobile devices. Optimization plays a very important role in this area, because everyone can make beautiful smooth animations, but making them convenient and easy to play on a small phone screen, which may not be the most powerful yet, is already a real skill. Iron Dog Studio perfectly approached the solution of this problem. They have invested a lot of effort to make their slot machines run perfectly on completely different devices without any problems.

To date, not so many slot machines from the Iron Dog studio are known. In fact, there are only four of them and this is not enough to fill an entire casino site. What exactly is the catch?

The company has put a lot of effort into the development of its games. They decided not to pursue quantity, but to give preference to quality and functionality. That is why there are so few games, but each of them is unique and diverse in its own way. There are many secrets hidden in such a small library that may well surprise you. We are all used to the fact that slots are stamped in batches every year and have completely forgotten about the quality and content. We stopped noticing the details and interesting points, because most slot machines do not have such a thing. Iron Dog Studio makes every effort to make the content in the game unusual and diverse. They provide many bonus features and excellent paylines. To fully experience the beauty of this casino, you need to try to play yourself and make your own conclusion. In addition to the huge functionality, the games of the studio are distinguished by stunning graphics and effects. Interesting storylines together with pleasant music leave only pleasant impressions of the game that you always want to return.

Let's take a closer look at some of the studio's slot machines

Cherry Blast is a slot machine released in 2017. The main theme of the game was all of us familiar fruits, but in a more modern shell. Who would have thought that standard fruits can bring so much joy and fun to their users.

This slot machine is a reel machine and has more than twenty paylines. The main task of the players is to find the same symbols in the line from left to right. This slot is unusual for the reason that ordinary fruits look so rich and bright that no one can even think that this theme is more than twenty years old. But the main fun starts in the bonus features. There is a cherry bomb feature that explodes and unlocks a huge number of nice bonuses from scatters to free spins. When you get to this feature, you have a great opportunity to knock out two cherry symbols, which will also be blown up, and in their place will appear symbols with scatters or free spins. The main focus of the company is on maximizing the user's profit. This is achieved by a huge number of bonuses. Perhaps this is the main feature of every slot machine from Iron Dog Studio.

The next game is called Paint. A very colorful slot, which is made in bright and rich colors. The slot has five reels and more than twenty paylines. As in the previous slot, the most important thing here is to knock out bonus levels that can bring their users huge amounts of money. You get great pleasure when you knock out free spins, with the help of which you can get to the bonus levels, where for each successful spin you can get a huge multiplier or other privileges.

Absolutely all slot machines of the studio have their own unique features, but they are united only by one thing — a huge selection of bonus features. The developers from the very beginning approached this with complete confidence. They wanted to release a product that would bring not only pleasure from the game process, but also from big winnings. If you haven't heard about slot machines from Iron Dog Studio yet, then you're missing out on a lot.

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