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What is ELK Studios? If you are interested in learning a lot of useful information about this company, continue reading it. We will tell you everything you know about ELK, its features, slot machines, etc.

ELK Studios is probably the largest and most popular provider of casino games. The main headquarters is located in Sweden. They first opened in 2012 and, since that time, have been running their business in the field of entertainment games for casinos. The Studio has always sought to produce only high-quality and thoughtful content that should appeal to absolutely everyone. Of course, you won't be able to please everyone, and you don't want to release a mass product at random, either. ELK Studios tries to fulfill all the wishes of the consumer and reduce all disadvantages to a minimum.

ELK Studios has earned users' trust and love through hard work and constant monitoring of the games produced. They were awarded the Slot of the Year Award in 2017 as the best developer of games for online casinos for their efforts.

The range includes many well-known and popular games. Their number is about thirty or more. The most visited are Tahiti Gold, The Wiz, and Vegas.

Some slots have earned special attention and received several awards.

Let's get to the most exciting part of this article. Play for real money in slot machines from ELK Studios.

If you are a fan of gambling and love to spin the reels, you should definitely try the Studio games. However, before you start, you need to discuss some essential details, namely, to answer several questions for yourself:

  • Have you ever been interested in slot machines from ELK Studios?
  • Were you familiar with their old and new offers?
  • How often should the company release updates for its games?
  • How do you feel about welcome bonuses, and do they affect games?

Often, companies that develop games launch various bonuses to your favorite game. If the Studio sees users' interest in a particular game, it will most likely include a game bonus. In turn, it will give the player the opportunity to make several free spins, depending on the coefficient and the amount of the bet. However, to get this opportunity, you need to register on the site and get a welcome bonus. You can activate it by adding a certain amount of money to your account, which will be announced when you first log in to your account.

Now that you've gotten to know ELK Studios a little bit let's move on to more information about this company.


When we describe any casino that includes games from ELK Studios, we take into account many factors:

  1. The operator provides a complete list of all information about the supplier, the features of the games, and the software provided.
  2. Suppose the casino information indicates that the casino has full game coverage. In that case, this means all games that have ever been released from this company.
  3. The ability to provide various bonuses and promotions that are suitable for implementation in the game.
  4. The casino must continuously cooperate with the provider and receive new products from it.

Do I have the opportunity to play slot machines from ELK Studios without paying?

Of course, you can. ELK Studios is a leading company that has been on the market for more than eight years. They think through every step of the client in advance, so playing for free is present. Users must first try what's what, and then start playing for real money. First, you need to train correctly, hone your skills, watch the slot machine, and then start spending your money. This is another criterion that makes this Studio the best of its kind.

Many well-known and not very well-known online casinos do not offer the opportunity to play for free, i.e., without registering. However, this feature is available in SlotCatalog casino. We offer our users to try out slot machines for free.

ELK Studios always keeps up with the times, improving and updating its games for a specific time. This is done to still enjoy the game's new features and not have to search for something fresh. They adapt their slot machines to modern technologies. For example, they completely rewrote the HTML 5, which is the most recent update for this utility. This innovation allows you to run games on most mobile devices and on all operating systems. The games are optimized and carefully designed so that players do not feel uncomfortable while playing. They can launch online casinos from anywhere in the world with the only phone with Internet access. For laptop users: you need to install the Flash Player extension for more comfortable use. A window with the installation of the utility will appear when you go to the casino site.

In many online casinos, you can try games from ELK Studios for free. These casinos include IGaming, where you can get a welcome bonus even without a Deposit. If you are interested in this offer, go to the official website and collect your prize right now.

It is worth noting that free spins and no deposit bonuses cannot be withdrawn into real money. This can only be done if you win them in any slot machine.

Let's talk about the most popular and frequently visited slot machines from the provider ELK Studios.


This provider has a lot of exciting and attractive games on its account. But some of them can be considered in more detail, as they were very well-reviewed by users and gave relatively high ratings. What only Tahiti Gold Slot is worth.

Why are ELK Studios games so popular, and how do they deserve to be the best? The answer lies on the surface-the desire to make a real masterpiece. The company carefully thinks through the story, develops animations, graphics, and music. Each character is a separate story that you want to follow and delve into the essence of what is happening. Developers also like to add various humorous inserts that perfectly dilute the gameplay and help distract from failures.

In our SlotCatalog casino, you can find various games from ELK Studios, divided into categories. They are sorted according to your region, thus allowing each player to find something to their liking. If you are interested in reading about ELK's features, then continue reading this article. Next, we will tell you in detail about some of the trendy slots with most players.


Detailed information about the slot, its features, and functions.

Diablo Reels is a continuation of the legendary series of games from ELK. It is the seventh in a row, but it is still the best. The creators decided to please the players with a new masterpiece and release a unique product with many additions and innovations. The Studio has developed an impressive game mechanics that is radically different from what is currently available on the market with similar themes.

The history of creation is tied to the Mexican holiday "Day of the dead". This theme was prevalent, and the release of this slot immediately attracted the attention of users. ELK Studios somehow managed to create a game with all the wishes of the players. Everything we wanted to see in such a slot appeared here. They were able to convey the sinister atmosphere that we all wanted to see. Visual range, excellent animations, and, of course, musical accompaniment. All together forms a new world in which you want to stay longer. Diablo Reels takes the player to a world where the devil himself lives. We can see a real hell in which the earth is burning. The design makes the game juicy and bright, as it should be. From design, this slot is several times greater than its predecessors. You can see that the team is developing and reaching a new level of development. In the background, we can see various interior details that convey the same gloomy look: skulls, broken bottles, cigarettes, alcohol, and much more. Everything is worked out at the highest level, the detail is off the scale. You can see that the developers really put their heart and soul into this project. As soon as you go to this slot, you will feel goosebumps because music is something with something. It fully corresponds to the gameplay and helps you think about the world in which all the actions take place. Latin American music will accompany us throughout the rotation process.

There are eight standard symbols in the game. They will be represented as chili, lime, watermelon, bullion, horseshoe, seven, and diamond in ascending order. The last three are the most profitable and will bring their lucky players a 50x coefficient when three symbols appear. Your bet amount will be multiplied by this coefficient. There is also a wild symbol, which is a yellow inscription "Wild," and a red color in the background. When it is knocked out, you will replace the standard symbol, which increases the chance of the desired combination falling out. Also, it has the same cost as the rarest. If you manage to knock out a full row of wild symbols, you will also increase your bet by a factor of fifty. The characters look just fine and fit perfectly into the overall environment of the game. ELK Studios know how to please.


Interesting information about the slot.

Ecuador Gold takes us to the fascinating rainforests of South America. The player will go on a long journey to find the lost temple of luck. This excellent and engaging game was developed by ELK Studios in 2019.

The game has six regular reels, four rows, and more than four thousand pay lines. But if you set the feature with free spins, the number of rows is doubled – eight rows and more than two hundred thousand pay lines. This slot is considered one of the most profitable: the maximum win rate can be 2500x.

Before we get to more detailed statistics, let's talk about some of the slot's features.

Ecuador Gold is a unique, beautiful, and entertaining slot from ELK Studios. There are interesting additional features.

Avalanche-getting successful combinations, the player can increase their coefficient and the number of pay lines.

  • RTP – ninety-six percent.
  • High dispersion. The cells are arranged in a six-by-four and six-by-eight grid for bonus spins.
  • Available bonuses: free spins, mega symbols and the Avalanche feature.
  • The minimum bid is 0.02. The maximum is 100.
  • Paylines: from four thousand to two hundred.
  • Max. the prize is two hundred and fifty thousand coins.


A detailed review of this slot machine from ELK Studios.

Many characters have a unique ability to transform into absolutely anyone. The hero of this slot has the same ability. ELK Studios never ceases to surprise us and releases a new attractive product called Black River Gold.

The game takes place during the gold rush. In the background, we can see beautiful mountains in North America. In the center is the railway, which is located above the drums. The reels are presented as four rows, but can expand up to eight. The number of paylines is from four thousand to two hundred. The series is expanded using the Avalanche function. However, ELK decided not to stop at just one function. They added a new revolver feature.

The revolver function is represented as a mega symbol, which removes the symbols under it, and puts new ones in their place – semi-wild ones. They can be turned into completely wild, but you need to fill all the cells.

The compass function allows you to turn an ordinary symbol into a wild one. As well as everything in the game there is a simple wild symbol, which is exactly the same as in all similar machines. I would like to add that players can get to an additional round, in which you can increase your coefficient to five thousand. RTP – ninety-six percent.


Review of the slot from ELK Studios.

Many people may have noticed some similarities with a similar game from NetEnt, but this is not the case at all. Of course, it looks a bit like a well-known game, but the internal component is absolutely unique. Let's take a closer look.

The game has a bonus round, which consists of nine levels. The most recent levels can bring the player a multiplier of up to five hundred.

The slot grid consists of five cells horizontally and five vertically. The game engine is based on Cluster Pays, which is already the main difference from the game from NetEnt. The game does not have the function of expanding symbols, but there are four types of reel modifiers. The function is called "Dream". Modifiers can be collected during the game using winning combinations. After collecting a certain number, they begin to be played.

Do not expect excessive payouts at the basic level from the slot machine. To get a huge win, you need to try to run bonus levels, and only at the last level you can win a big jackpot, but before that you have to get rid of all the symbols on the table. The maximum win rate can be 2500x. We advise you to discard these minor disadvantages and enjoy the game itself. After all, the developers have tried to release an interesting and exciting project that holds the audience not with its winnings, but with a great story and new features.


Ecuador Gold turned out to be a very good game, but ELK Studios decided not to stop there and released a continuation of the legendary series about Kane's travels. In this part, the player will plunge into a new unforgettable story about the great treasure hunter Kane.

The main character is forced to make an emergency landing in Tahiti, where he is already waiting for new dangerous adventures. Will our hero be able to find the lost treasure and solve the eternal riddle for him? The symbols are made in a traditional and adapted tribal style. Wood styling. The reels are located between two totems that are huge in size. In the background, we can see the sad picture of the wreck of the ship on which Kane sailed. The drums are pounding, the trees are swaying, and you can start your adventure.

Of course, the developers took care to transfer all the functionality of the previous part to this one. However, there are some changes and innovations that with the old chips give a nice modern motif. The most important change, in my opinion, is to increase the potential for winning large amounts of money. It doubled in size. There is a free spins feature.

By default, in Tahiti, gold is played on a 4x6 grid. However, these lines may grow as you continue to generate payouts. Here are a few different lines and how many ways to win each of them:

  1. 4 lines= more than four thousand payments
  2. 5 Lines= more than fifteen thousand ways
  3. 6 lines= more than forty thousand ways
  4. 7 lines= more than a hundred thousand ways
  5. 8 lines= more than two hundred thousand ways
  6. Bonus free spins,sticky wild symbols and"security levels".

There are two ways to get a big jackpot during free spins:

  • All wild places are sticky.
  • After reaching the "security level", this guarantees the minimum number of bonuses during the bonus period.
  • Sticky wild together with Wild Forge can bring you an infinite amount of money due to mutually beneficial features. Take note of this and use it in future games.
  • Free spins can be restarted for a different amount of time.


Some of you might remember. IO slot game started earlier, but in July 2018, it was closed for a full renovation. The new management decided that the remodeling was mandatory,and now the site looks much better because it has reopened the Pay N Play brand, and it also has a cool new concept.


  1. Software: ELK studios
  2. Free slots: moose slots
  3. Play Real: ELK studios casino
  4. Theme: space
  5. Payways: 4096
  6. Reels: 6
  7. Min. Coin size: 0.20
  8. Maximum coin size:100.00

For fans of big wins, this slot is just perfect – the maximum amount of winnings can be up to five hundred thousand pounds per spin. This is a huge amount of money that a single slot can bring in. But to get such a jackpot, you need to place a bet of one hundred pounds per spin, as well as get to the bonus level. And only in this case you will be able to get the long-awaited prize. If you are interested in this, go to the official website of the operator and start winning big. I would like to note that this slot can also be launched on your phone, tablet and PC, which allows you to log in to your casino from anywhere in the world, if you have Internet access.Wild symbols and modifiers.

There is a wild version of 4 Io slots.

It was released on 10 September 2017.

Charge wild-there is a 4 meter segment of life used every time you participate in a win, so you can use up to 4 times.

Wild Forge is a golden wild that turns the tile below into a wild multiplier that increases every time you use it. When forging reaches the bottom line, it becomes a wild multiplier.

Laser symbols-when 2 Laser symbols from the beam intersect, all symbols at the intersection become wild. A laser just removes itself and all the symbols along its beam.

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