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Thunderkick was created by a fairly small team that initially took part in the most popular NetEnt Studio. The country of development is Sweden. The first launch took place in 2014. All you need to know about this company is that they strive to create content that is convenient, simple, and most importantly high-quality. And as practice shows, they do it successfully. For many years in a row, they have been at the top of the industry and their work proves that they are there for a reason.

Thunderkick is considered new in this industry relative to such giants as NetEnt or Novomatic. However, they managed to prove themselves and win the trust of a huge number of users. Unfortunately, this software provider does not cooperate with big fish, but this is planned in the near future. They are working on creating new unique games that they say should appeal to everyone.

Variety of games

Thunderkick currently has only twenty types of slot machines. A fairly modest library of games, but do not forget that all these machines are beautiful and innovative in their own way. They have a chic design and design, and internal additional features make their games even more attractive. It is worth noting that almost all Thunderkick slot machines have a video assistant that provides complete information about the slots, their functions and features. Thus, players can easily understand the slot and find a workable strategy for winning. For me personally, this feature is very useful, because when visiting new slots for the first time, it is impossible to immediately understand how it works. And with this innovation, the first games become much more fruitful.

I have been following this manufacturer for a long time and noticed that they do not have live casinos. That is, using video shooting in live broadcast mode. Everything seems to be the function most likely will never appear in the developer. The company did not make any statements about the introduction of this functionality, but as practice suggests, it will definitely never appear. This technology has been on the market for a very long time, so it doesn't make any sense to introduce it even now. There's too much competition.

Thunderkick offers a huge selection of different games. In addition, they are all well optimized for mobile devices, so you can easily play on your PC, smartphone or tablet. From the very beginning of their formation, namely in 2012, they already planned that their games would run on Android devices. This was facilitated by a large number of reviews from users who very much wanted them to be able to play their favorite games from anywhere in the world. They won't need a computer to do this. For good optimization, Thunderkick has programmed all its slots in html5. This technology allows you to maximize the loading speed of games, as well as their stable operation. Html5 was created for this purpose, to transfer computer games to the Internet browser of your phones without loss of quality. With Thunderkick, you can run your favorite gambling games on your Iphone, iPad, Android, or other operating systems supported on your devices. Since the library of Thundekick games is not very large, I was able to view the entire list and make my own subjective opinion. If you are interested in learning about games from Thunderkick, continue reading this article. To be honest, their range surprised me very much. All the games were unique, quite fun and profitable. Let's go directly to the description of the slots.

Pink Elephants 2

What is this slot machine? Pink Elephants 2 Consists of 6 reels, more than 4000 payment methods. As you have already understood, Pink Elephants 2 is a legendary continuation of the main series. Absolutely on all devices, the minimum bet amount per spin is 10p. This slot machine has a kind of bonus system that comes with the Mystery Scatter function. Thanks to this feature, players can get a certain number of spins for free, as well as wild symbols and repeated spins of the reels. The maximum coefficient that can be earned on this machine is more than 10,000. As for RTP. Here it is 96%. I would not say that this is a distinctive number, in principle, 96% is the average.

In total, the slot machine has 2 bonus levels. The first one is called Mysterious. The essence of this bonus level is that a Mysterious scatter appears on the playing field, which can give its owner the right to launch the bonus level. This bonus level, in turn, has more than 15 free spins and an increased win rate. The second function is called Elephant symbols. You need to replace 4 simple symbols with four elephant symbols. Each time you fill in the simple symbols for this winning combination, one free spin is added to you. All these functions need to be monitored very carefully, because they fall out in a random interval and can quickly fall.

As mentioned earlier, Pink Elephants 2 has 6 reels, four rows and more than 4000 types of winnings. To get a winning combination, you need to put three identical symbols from left to right. And in the case of symbols, there are only two elephants. In Pink Elephants 2, you can make absolutely any bets, which is limited from 10 pence to one hundred pounds. That's why Pink Elephants 2 is suitable for all players from beginners to professionals. There is also an auto-spin function that starts 5 spins. They will scroll automatically. Pink Elephants 2 has a very effective design. When you enter this slot machine, you will see magnificent mountain reliefs that are located above the beautiful blue sky. Musical accompaniment allows you to fully feel the atmosphere of the game and does not interfere with the process itself. Symbols appear on the stone rocks. You can see all the card symbols from ACE to nine. There are also goat symbols that are painted in different colors.

As we said earlier, Pink Elephants 2 can be run on all devices, whether it's a laptop, Android or IOS. When we are asked “Which slot machine should I choose to have a modern design?” then we always recommend Pink Elephants 2. This is one of the best slot machines today. It has a stylish design, good sound, and a lot of nice bonus programs. If you are a fan of good and high-quality content, then Pink Elephants 2 is what you need. If You have never tried this slot machine before, then go to the official website and start winning. Thanks to high odds that can reach 10,000, you can earn huge amounts of money. Let's start with the next slot machine.

Tiger Rush

Tiger Rush slot machine has five reels and 10 paylines. The action takes place in a tropical forest. Tiger Rush has a wild symbol. These wild symbols can appear on the middle reels and give you a certain amount of free spins. To get more free spins, you need to start the bonus game, where you will have 20 spins and more than 20 paylines, which also have wild symbols. The wild symbol is a tiger. Multiplier 1700. It is worth noting that this coefficient is saved for each spin and can be obtained for each free spin.

When you go to this slot machine, you will see the big cat feature that allows you to bet from 10 pence to one hundred pounds per spin. As in the previous slot machine, it can be run on all types of devices from PCs to tablets on all operating systems.

I would not say that Tiger Rush has some extremely beautiful graphics. It is quite simple, concise and ideal for fans of the rainforest. In the game you can see bird symbols that give 15x of the bet.

As we mentioned, the tiger is a wild symbol and can only appear on 3 reels. These wild symbols expand and can give you free spins. There is a scatter symbol, which is depicted in the form of the game logo itself. It appears on the first and fifth reels and can trigger free spins. Tiger Rush itself is quite slow and may not appeal to everyone, but if you are a fan of slow lanes, then Tiger Rush is what suits you. Unfortunately, this slot machine will not be able to win large amounts of money, but it regularly pays small payouts, which is suitable for the long term.

Carnival Queen

All of you probably know about the carnival season, which takes place in many countries of the world. At this festival, people dress up in interesting costumes, put on masks and celebrate several nights long. Thunderkick wanted to fully convey the atmosphere to make people feel at this holiday.

This slot machine has a very high yield. You can earn more than 20,000 per bet. Our experts, after sitting on this slot machine, revealed several interesting features: the avalanche function, an increased multiplier, a huge number of bonus games and free spins.

If you are interested in learning about Carnival Queen and its features, then continue reading this article.

Carnival Queen is a slot machine created by Thunderkick. It has 6 reels and more than 4000 paylines, which are based on the holiday of the carnival season. What is the function of an avalanche? The avalanche feature means that all your won symbols will be replaced with new ones to give you the chance to win even more. This feature also comes with an increased multiplier, which together gives you huge payouts. By launching the bonus game, you can win free spins. As soon as you take a spin and lose, the multipliers are reduced to 1x, and the wild symbol disappears. For one winning combination, you can get up to 20,000 multipliers.

The visual component of this slot takes us to this wonderful event, where bright lights Shine and a lot of interesting people in masks walk around. There are several classic symbols that are represented as playing cards from ACE to ten. There are also four special characters that are represented as characters dressed in different costumes. These characters are the most profitable symbols and can appear on almost all lines. Character symbols - you get an additional coefficient to the bet. There is also a wild symbol that replaces the other symbols and can give more than 20 x bets.

If you are lucky, the avalanche feature can give you an unlimited number of wins. It will remain in effect until you lose. Once again, I would like to mention that the function of the avalanche is that new characters fall from top to bottom, replacing the old ones with them. This feature allows you to get multiple wins per spin, which in our opinion is a huge plus. Many players praise this feature and this slot for its huge payouts.

And with an additional multiplier, which is added together with the avalanche function and for each winning combination from one avalanche, you increase your multiplier by one. This also applies to the bonus game, and then you can earn even more.

Our team has spent a lot of time in this slot and can say with confidence that Carnival Queen is a game that can't be missed. It is made in very beautiful colors, conveys the atmosphere of a holiday and carnival, and also has a huge number of pleasant bonus programs. As we all know, bonus programs and bonus levels give us an unlimited number of winning combinations. Thanks to Carnival Queen, a huge number of users won huge payouts on a single spin. If you are interested in learning more and you already want to try this slot machine, go to the official website, launch it and start winning.

Beat the Beast: Cerberus' Inferno

Beat the Beast: Cerberus ' Inferno is considered the most attractive and interesting slot machine from the legendary developer Studio. The game has about five reels and more than eight rows. If you are a mobile user or just like to play slot machines on your way to work, then you have a great opportunity to try this slot. There is optimization for all types of devices. All you have to do is connect to the Internet. You can take part in the game from ten coins. Greek mythology is the main plot of the game. Everything is wrapped around this story and the symbols are proof of that. Of course, the slot cannot exist without bonus levels, so they are also present here. RTP – 96 percent.

There are 2 bonus features in the game. The first function is responsible for the wild symbols that appear on the 5 reels. At first glance, it seems that this is not enough, but thanks to the bonus game, you get up to 15 free spins, which can increase the chance of wild symbols falling.

The game has a special symbol that belongs to two classes at once-W. Its main task is to fill the drum. When it is dropped, the player increases his coefficient. You can also find a symbol-Cerberus. He considers it the most profitable, because for each of his losses, the player increases the maximum amount of winnings. You can increase the minimum by two times, and the maximum by two hundred. Among the advantages of the Cerberus sign, you can add a bonus game that is triggered when this symbol is knocked out. The bonus game involves ten free spins.

Cerberus symbols can also help you launch an additional level that also gives you free spins. All these features combined can help you win an incredible amount of money per spin. All players have repeatedly boasted that they won huge amounts of money on this slot.

The Development Studio has worked hard on this slot machine. She put all her energy into implementing it. The graphics component is at the highest level, the colors are bright, but do not interfere with the game process itself. This slot machine is well suited for beginners, because the game does not have any difficult levels or combinations, everything is quite standard. Due to the very small value of the minimum bet, almost all players can play this slot.

Beat the Beast consists of five series of games. If you won at least one of them, then you probably know what this slot machine is like. The latest version 5 is no different in terms of gameplay, all the same symbols and all the same winning combinations. Only the number of paylines and the maximum possible win rate have changed. However, this part also differs in the theme of the game. This will be immediately noticeable when you first enter this slot machine. Greek mythology is quite an interesting topic for the game, and therefore some may find it unusual and even unusual. But over time, after spending a few games, you will realize that this is a very exciting and interesting series. Thunderkick adhered to fairly standard rules, thanks to which they create games. This is a simple design and simple game mechanics. Some may think that the simplified form of the game is a little bit not what is required today, but Thunderkick managed to combine simplicity and modernity, thus turning out a great game with good content and an interesting story. In our opinion, Beat the Beast: Cerberus 'Inferno is an indicative slot that is built on the classic understanding of the slot machine, and if you are a fan of something classic, Beat the Beast: Cerberus' Inferno is what you need. We will not deny the fact that Beat the Beast: Cerberus ' Inferno is not the best slot machine in the series. Initially, when the first part of this game was released, there were very high hopes that it would be the best slot machine in the world, and every year it should only get better and better. However, this did not happen, and the last part turned out to be on a level with the previous ones and does not introduce anything new into the processes and mechanics of the industry. This is still a very good, worthy representative of this series, where you can spend your free time with pleasure.

Beat the Beast: Cerberus ' Inferno is a good slot machine that can be enjoyed by many. However, if you do not delve into the last series and start from the fact that this is a new game, it basically meets modern standards, but does not bring anything new. If you are interested in this slot machine, go to the official website, enter the game and start winning huge prizes. Thanks to the large number of bonuses, you can earn a huge amount of money here.

Many players, especially those who are new to this business, are looking for an interesting casino using the selection method and look through every casino on the market in search of a suitable one. However, we believe that this approach is absolutely wrong, because at the moment there are a lot of slot machines and each offers its own features. It will take you forever to review everything, so we suggest that you go to our website and get acquainted with all possible slot machines. We make ratings of slot machines, both for this year, and for the previous one and for all the others, choose leaders from them, make their description of features and fully describe their functionality. Why go to the sites and check every casino, spend your money to play them, if you can go to our site for free and get acquainted with the topic you are interested in.

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