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Most likely, each of you has heard about Rabcat at least once in your life and is familiar with ego suggestions. If this is the first time you have heard this name, but you are interested in finding out what it is, then you have clicked on the appropriate link. Because now we will share with you interesting information about such a developer Studio as Rabcat. It has been on the market for a long time and has a direct impact on the entire industry. Of course, it managed to win the trust and respect of users, but it did not become the best one directly. It is only overtaken by NetEnt, which we recently discussed in one of our articles. By the way, if you haven't read it yet, then rather go to our official portal, which contains all the most up-to-date and useful information on all game developers that can only be. So, today we will talk directly about Rabcat. What does it represent, what are its features and merits in this industry? This company is firmly established in Australia and has been operating for more than twenty years. Quite a long time, isn't it? And, of course, during this time they managed to create a lot and come up with something unique for the entire gambling industry. They were launched at a time when casinos were located in your areas and you could safely visit any of them. If you still think that Rabcat is some unknown company that does not deserve special attention, then you are deeply mistaken. What comes to mind when you hear companies like Rockstar, Disney, or Atari. Most likely, you have never played games from these developers. What I'm saying is that Rabcat has been working with these companies for many years in a row and together with them they create unique and original slot machines of various directions. Therefore, in the range of Rabcat games, you can find absolutely all types and styles of games that you want. If you want a slot made to match your favorite TV series, please, if you want a slot machine in the style of your favorite game, here you go. All game genres are available. The next time you launch another slot based on a game or cartoon, it will most likely be a slot from Rabcat. Our Analytics Studio has spent a lot of time on slot machines from this company and can say for sure that the games are made according to all modern requirements and have a very interesting design. All the graphics are carefully designed, and the music is a delight. Switching to rabcat slot machines, you can immediately say that this is their development. They are recognizable and have their own stylistic features that are remembered for a long time. Most of all, I remember slot machines from my favorite games, such as GTA and Overwatch. I can openly say that their slots really deserve special attention and have every right to be in the list of the best. Rabcat is an Australian developer Studio that started its activity back in 2001. And since then, it pleases users with excellent slot machines with huge winnings and a bunch of bonus programs. In the list of the most popular games of this company, you can also find live slots that work on the principle of video broadcasting. This innovation can not be called innovative, but it requires a huge effort to implement. If a development Studio can already create video slots, it means that they have achieved a lot and have a huge development team. Also, in order to implement video slots, it is necessary to allocate a special room for this purpose, where live dealers will be located. Are you not familiar with this feature yet? Then we will tell you about it in detail now. The function of live casinos means that you get to a slot where a real live person acts as the host, which is transmitted to your screens via a live broadcast. When I first visited this slot, I was very surprised and fascinated. I had a huge amount of positive emotions. I felt nostalgic and remembered the old days when I used to walk to the casino. We definitely recommend that you try your luck in these slot machines, where you can not only earn good money, but also enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.

Rabcat is one of the best developer studios at the moment. Its roots lie in Australia and was launched in 2001. Thanks to their unique approach to creating games, they have won the trust and respect of a huge number of users. Rabcat has proven all the way that they make games for people, so that each game is convenient and brings a lot of positive emotions. This company is only engaged in the production of high-quality slot machines with pleasant bonus programs. You probably have never met this company during the next games. When you launch slots, you can always see the name of the company that developed them. The most popular destination is considered to be video poker. Why is Rabcat a role model? It's all about their approach to game development. They make them for people, providing maximum pleasure and comfort. Therefore, we implemented the Flash-player function at full capacity. Thanks to Rabcat, you don't have to download a huge number of additional programs to start playing your favorite slots. Just launch your casino's online portal and start enjoying it. Rabcat knows what their users need and why they keep coming back. We also forgot to mention that Rabcat has licensed all of its games and titles to Microgaming. Microgaming, in turn, is a leading developer in this field. To provide for the licensing of such a large company was a great decision. Now we can all enjoy our favorite games, which not only have excellent functionality, but also help you relax after a hard day's work. In addition, collaboration with Microgaming allows Rabcat to broadcast its games to a larger audience and work in absolutely all directions, thereby increasing the reach of its users. Once upon a time, RabtCat had only a few employees in its headquarters who were eager to become the best and create a really high-quality product. And now Rabcat is one of the largest companies, which has more than a thousand people in its headquarters. Such indicators and growth trends show us that they were constantly working on the implementation of their content and tried to improve it to the maximum. Another interesting fact is that Rabcat cooperates with the most popular win2day platform. They provide access to many Australian casinos, which in turn allows companies to showcase their projects to a huge number of users.

It has already become obvious to everyone that Rabcat is a guarantee of quality and stability. They have shown us that they can create great games that will keep us happy all the time. But we still haven't talked about the software that Rabcat uses.

BY Rabcat

Rabcat is a real Palace with a bunch of quality games. Each game is unique and beautiful in its own way. They release their own video slots that simplify the process of launching the game and help you enjoy the game itself in peace. I would like to add that Rabcat also takes into account the location of its users during game development. Therefore, each game is written in more than twenty languages. No matter what country you live in, you can always play all the slots from this company.


Oddly enough, but for such a huge amount of time, Rabcat has collected a very small collection of games, consisting of only 20 games. This may not seem like a lot to you, but what would you prefer, a lot of games with terrible graphics or a few games with great graphics. The answer is obvious. Rabcat understands this, so they decided not to chase the quantity, but to focus on the quality and performance of their game offers. The development team worked for days on the fly to create real masterpieces that will blow the brains of all users. They did it. They were able to achieve the Golden mean that we were all waiting for and wanted. Absolutely all games of the company are real masterpieces, which includes big winnings and a lot of nice bonuses. The graphic and musical components are carefully developed, so playing any Rabcat slot you will always feel your presence in the world where the story is being told. The most modern technologies and programs for creating effects are used for development. You are always greeted by gorgeous 3D graphics along with a well-chosen music series. Players can always get an unlimited number of bonus prizes, such as free spins or additional levels where you can increase your chances of winning. In addition, the user can always increase their win rate due to a variety of bonus prizes. In General, games from this company are always quality and emotions. If you haven't tried your luck on these slots yet, go to the official portal of your casino and start winning with Rabcat.


At the moment, the Rabcat catalog does not have a huge assortment. There are only fifteen types of games, but this is not a reason to be sad. Each of these games has its own distinctive features and may well be the best game of this year. Absolutely every game without exception is worked out in detail, so you will always see a perfectly smooth image that works on the most modern technologies. The introduction of modern technologies in your games is the key to a successful business. New developments allow you to improve the graphics component and increase the functionality of the game. Rabcat has a huge functionality. Each game has a lot of nice bonus features that not only entice players to spend time here, but also allow you to win a lot of money with the right luck. They are also smart about advertising their products. Here, for example, is the advertising information about the slot. If you are visiting this slot for the first time and don't know how it works and how much it can bring, then Rabcat will take care of you. They provide an opportunity for all players to get acquainted with the features of their slots, understand how they work, and get acquainted with the approximate possible winnings. This is a great example of a good approach to creating games. Now it will be easier for players to start winning their first money. In addition, you don't want to invest your money in an unknown slot, and with this feature you can always find out in advance about its features and how it works. Thus, you can make a choice for yourself whether you want to invest money in this slot or not. Rabcat cares about its customers and wants to create only the best and most practical. So far, they are doing great, even if they do not have a huge range of games. I'd rather play a few games that give me a lot of fun than choose from a huge list of some unfinished games that I don't even know anything about. If I see a slot from the Rabcat company, I immediately start playing, because I am sure that I will like this game and it will bring me a huge fortune.

Optimization for smartphones

In the modern world, almost every second person has a cell phone with Internet access at hand. And it would be foolish not to release slots that would be optimized for these devices. For the first time, smartphones gained popularity in 2016, when many major phone manufacturers began to produce innovative phone lines. This popularity has attracted a huge number of casino game developers to create content on this platform. A lot of hype was required from the casino for smartphone games, because users wanted to play their favorite slot machines right on the way to work or school. Under this influence, absolutely all large and not-so-large companies seriously started developing games for this platform. In those days, it was not so convenient and there were a lot of problems with launching and optimizing, because the technology had not yet managed to adapt to these, so we had to be content with what we have. But now the modern world has reached a completely new stage of development, and casino game developers can implement the latest developments in their projects. With HTML 5 technology, absolutely all games on a smartphone are launched in a few clicks and do not differ from computer versions. The graphics remain the same, the animations are top-notch. Everything you need is now at your fingertips. And, of course, Rabcat also gives its users the ability to run their games on their smartphone. They provide and guarantee excellent, stable performance on absolutely all types of devices running all operating systems. It doesn't matter if you have Android or IOS, you can always run your favorite slots on your device. The main thing is to have Internet access. Of course, we will not deny the fact that a smoother image is preserved on phones of a newer generation, but there is no escape from this. If you have an old phone that is more than five years old, then most likely you will have some difficulties with the launch and the game process itself. Slot machines are designed for more modern models and give excellent performance only on top-end phone models. But the most important thing is that now you can enjoy games right on the way to work or school.

Live dealers

Unfortunately, Rabcat said that they will no longer develop games with live dealers. This niche is not suitable for them. They believe that it takes too much time and does not bring the necessary result. Rabcat decided to finally declare to all fans of live dealers that they will not develop this direction, but will focus on the production of video poker, which in their opinion has a huge potential. This decision is quite understandable, because they want to produce a quality product, not a mediocre one. That's why it's a great idea to focus on producing your main content. Thanks to this approach, we can soon expect an increase in the gaming range, to which new and interesting slots will be added. We hope that this statement will be fully implemented and in the near future we will still see a lot of interesting content that will blow your mind.

Why should I choose Rabcat?

As we have already said, Rabcat is an example of true professionalism and quality. All games are carefully thought out and have their own features that differ from the competition. If not Rabcat, then who? Yes, there are a lot of interesting developers on the market right now, and some of them are leaders, but don't you want to add another great Studio to your game collection? Rabcat has always given preference to the wishes of its users. They do their best to create interesting content that will meet all the client's requirements. In addition, they focus not on the quantity of material produced, but on its quality and stability. A small assortment of games tells us that absolutely all slot machines have a well-developed design and are equipped with all the necessary functions. Our team has spent enough time playing Rabcat slots and can safely say that they are really worth your attention. Excellent graphics and animations, amazing music that takes us into the atmosphere of the game story. It is clear that the games were created with a soul. All slot machines can bring huge winnings thanks to an excellent bonus system that adds excitement to the game process. Rabcat is not just a developer Studio, it is a real brand from which you can take an example. They work every year to prove to the entire industry that they are worth something and can be dangerous. They won numerous nominations for game of the year and best developer Studio. In addition, they create games together with such major companies as Rockstar and Disney. I don't think that such global companies will waste their time on an uninteresting developer Studio. They were noticed because they do really high-quality things and attract the interest of many users. You might be interested to know how such a small developer Studio with a small number of games gained such popularity. It's all about Quickfire and Odobo. These platforms promote absolutely all major studios. They help them promote and showcase their games to a huge number of users. Rabcat were also noticed and were able to get on these platforms. But you can't just get here, you need to show that you are really interesting and have great potential. Rabcat is an Austrian developer Studio that proves to all of us through hard work and the right approach that they can be the best. If you have never played games from this company, you are missing a lot. Rather, go to the official website of your operator and start winning big with Rabcat.

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