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Nolimit City does not appear to adhere to a strict release schedule. Titles can be several months apart or launched within weeks of each other. Given this provider’s painstaking approach to game design and the quality of the results, it’s easy to forgive this scattershot approach when the next title becomes available.

Nolimit City, written ‘Nolimit City’, not ‘No Limit City’- in short ‘Nolimit’, was borne from the brains of Jonas Tegman and Emil Svärd who have a long history of working together – literary their entire adult working life has been side by side! Experienced techies with an entrepreneurial flair, having worked at NetEnt and had first hand experience at founding ComeOn! Given their time at NetEnt, they’ve been long yearning to create their own Slots catalogue – that’s when 2014 came and they officially announced their full commitment towards Nolimit City, parting ways with ComeOn! and fully dedicating their attention on a new exciting venture. Since then the company has spent countless hours building an in-house platform that will support future game development. With offices in Malta, India and Stockholm, Nolimit has begun its journey!

Fast-forward to 2020 and we’re on our 26th video-slot release with the latest being our flagship title, Punk Rocker! We couldn’t be prouder of our journey and the roller-coaster it has been. It’s always easy to present a story of straight forward uphill incline, but that’s not the reality – getting out there in a highly saturated market is tough! Not only the challenge of getting the deal and going live, but actually becoming a recognized name with the players, that’s what really counts.

In 2019, we released Tombstone, that set us apart and really made players and streamers notice us – the truth is, Tombstone was inspired by another volatile, high-paying game, Hot Nudge, but that one is little less popular, although it did have its fair share of attention. 2019 also saw us challenge the market’s gravitation towards the notorious Megaways mechanic, by creating our own idea of what a slot game with multi-way variation might play like and thus introducing xWays® – a mystery symbol that can land on multiple reels and expand the reel-set, creating a new randomized set of ways in the entire frame. Couple this with xNudge (present on Tombstone & Hot Nudge) and you’ve got some insane potential and endless combinations – take Dragon Tribe, Punk Rocker and Pixies vs Pirates as the best examples of what the two together can do!

We have a healthy roadmap of another 12-14 games planned for the remaining of 2020. The company’s mantra is to ‘just do us’, meaning we keep trying new things and keep learning from what worked before. Yes, it’s easy to just rip-off classic games, but that’s not how we’re wired – call it being stubborn or proud, but Nolimit is always trying to stand out by making something that’s considered at least a bit unique!

No Limit City News

In the very saturated market of casino game developers today, Nolimit City manages to hold its own and successfully respond to requests from both operators and players. Originating from Stockholm, Sweden, this game development company now has offices in Malta and India as well, making it a true global player with more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

Although Nolimit City now features an impressive range of top-quality games, their biggest advantage is their system platform. Fully controlled by the company and available on desktop computers and portable devices such as phones and tablets, this platform gives the provider a great degree of flexibility. Thanks to this flexibility, they are able to create smooth, custom-made marketing campaigns and promotions that correspond with the needs and requirements of a particular operator.

Why play Nolimit City games?

Nolimit City was established in 2014, making it one of the younger industry participants. Don’t let that date fool you though – the brains behind Nolimit City have some 10 years of game development experience and they bring those skills and insights to every title they produce.

Nolimit City has offices in Malta and Stockholm. It holds licenses issued by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, giving it a measure of credibility that comes with these prestigious licenses. These allow its games to be marketed and made available to players in the EU, including UK online casinos, and are an assurance that the games work according to their strict regulations.

Customizable platform

Another feather in the Nolimit City hat is the bespoke platform it uses to deliver its games to mobile, tablet and desktop devices. From an operator’s standpoint, this makes Nolimit City games an asset to work with – a customizable platform means that setting up special features or bonuses and incorporating campaign tools is easy, adding even more value for players at these casinos.

Every part of a Nolimit City game is made in-house. This means that every component, every visual element and every feature is created by a team in constant communication, sharing the same vision and goal. Some game developers use third-parties to help complete a game and the result risks being disjointed or poorly coordinated. Nolimit City has prevented that by doing it all themselves and this approach has certainly paid off.

It’s important for a game developer to keep a close watch on current and developing trends. As such, Nolimit City has put extra thought into making its games as cross-platform compatible as possible. UK casino players can power up Nolimit City games on their smartphone or tablet easily because these games are made with HTML5.

This programming language allows games to perform equally well, no matter what device they are being played on. As mobile casino play continues to grow, Nolimit City has ensured that their games are future-proof.

Nolimit City slots and video slots

Slot games are where Nolimit City truly shines. Though the selection of video slots is quite small so far, each title is not so much a casino game but an exciting adventure, complete with plot and exceptional design.

It’s clear that Nolimit City’s speciality is video slots and their holistic approach to game design has resulted in cohesive and engaging productions, no matter the theme. From sushi to cary clowns to reimagined classic slots, Nolimit City has created a handful of titles that all kinds of players enjoy.

Nolimit City jackpot games

There are no jackpot games by Nolimit City just yet. However, we can expect more creative titles from this young studio and there’s no telling what the future holds for this promising developer.

Table Games

For fans of table games, Nolimit City has an interesting, if limited, selection of titles to try out. These are a hybrid between lottery games and card games, where players place bets on the outcomes of hands of poker or the numbers that come up in a lotto game.

As we have discovered, Nolimit City does not mind pushing the limits of what a casino game can do or what it should look like. Players who enjoy the standard table game formula will be pleasantly surprised by these iterations.

Live Casino

Nolimit City does not offer live casino games, preferring to stick to game styles that show off the creative design process of its team.

No limit slots RTP

On average, slots made by Nolimit City have medium to high variance and RTP rates higher than 96%. Casino Win Spin is an online slot inspired by classic fruit machines with features such as Spreading Wilds, Win Spin Hot Spots and multipliers. It has a return percentage of 96.74%. Wixx, another title that draws inspiration from traditional slots but gives them a futuristic feel, has an RTP of 96.61% and runs on high volatility. Tesla Jolt, a video slot themed on the inventions of Nikola Tesla, sports a lower variance and an RTP of 96.66%.

Best Nolimit City slots

It is difficult not to include Nolimit City’s entire catalogue here as each title is unique and exciting in its own way. These are just three of our favourites.

Kitchen Drama: Sushi Mania

In Kitchen Drama: Sushi Mania, the protagonists are certainly very cute, if not a little bit fishy. The animated sushi characters are both adorable and unusual, dancing atop a chopping board like it’s nobody’s business.

This slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines, with an RTP of 96.77% and medium volatility. Smaller, consistent wins are the order of the day here and the max win is admittedly small (x697 of the original bet). This game’s appeal rests on its fun theme and the several features built in, including Wild Sushi Free Spins, Bunshin Wilds, Free Spins and something called the Kamisabi Attack feature. If you love this title, check out the others in the Kitchen Drama series!

Creepy Carnival

If you’re not keen on clowns, maybe stay away from this one. Creepy Carnival is based on the carnivals of the 1900s, the ones that have inspired several horror films over the years. Meet the strongman, the scary clown, the fortune teller and other denizens of this haunted big top in a beautifully made game that’s sure to send a shiver down your spin.

Creepy Carnival has a familiar layout, with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. It has an RTP of 96.68% with high volatility. A respectable x1109 maximum win makes this a magnet for players who enjoy high risk/high reward betting. Features include Respins and Free Spins, as well as a Star Spin meter that fills up when winning combinations appear and rewards the players with further spins.


The Wixx slot proves that there is still plenty of room in the world for classic-inspired slots. Using precious stones instead of fruit symbols, Wixx takes the fruit machine into the future. Though simpler in structure than other Nolimit City video slots, it is the perfect representation of this studio’s commitment to creating well-rounded and visually stunning slots.

On the technical side, the numbers reveal a slot game that will appeal to high rollers. An RTP of 96.61% is coupled with high volatility and a very generous max win of x2796 the original stake. This big win potential is supported by features like the Multiplier Topaz Booster, Wild Ruby Booster, Sapphire Booster and Super Booster Spin. Needless to say, Nolimit City’s Wixx slot is a true gem.

Nolimit City Conclusion

The iGaming market today is much different from what it used to be a decade ago. There are now many companies fighting for their share of the virtual gambling space and only the best and the fittest are able to survive. When it comes to Nolimit City, we have no doubt we’ll be seeing them around for the years to come. A huge combined experience of the team working behind the scenes combined with a true passion for gaming and an already pristine reputation are pretty much a guarantee the future looks bright for the Swedish developer.

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