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Who would have thought that the gambling industry would rapidly gain such huge popularity. If you go through the Internet, you can easily find a huge number of different online casinos that provide their customers with a wide range of games of all types and genres. However, among this mass of casinos, we still managed to find the best and most popular portals that are deservedly at the top of the industry. Of course, today we will talk about NetEnt.

This Studio of developers is based in Switzerland, where their main headquarters is located. They are considered the progenitors of this field, because they were first launched in the nineties. At that time, the casino was considered an innovative business direction, and many users were looking forward to the moment when they could try their luck and win huge amounts of money. But there was very little choice, so NetEnt became almost the only casino that could offer such services. However, a small amount of competition does not mean that they will become popular. It's all about the approach to developing your project. This company has always been full of ambition and responsibility for its creation. They carefully thought through all the details of production, listened to the requirements of their customers and created a truly unique product that millions liked. Since then, NetEnt has taken a leading position in the list of the best developer studios. and this place belongs to them to this day. All their games are an exciting adventure into unusual worlds with a bunch of different additional features and wrapping animations. Undoubtedly, games from this developer Studio enjoy their popularity not only because of the excellent graphics and music component, but also because of the huge range of game varieties. Here everyone can find something to their liking. Present as slot machines, tied to heroic adventures, movies, games, TV series, and so on. You can find interesting animated slot machines that are made in an unusual cartoon style, which is evidenced by the drawing of characters and objects. NetEnt has always set a goal-to meet all the needs of customers, to give them what they want most. So far, they are doing great, and all the players are happy with their projects. On the Internet, you can find a huge number of reviews that confirm the fact that NetEnt is probably the only developer Studio that manages to please users for many years. Their slot machines are full of all possible bonuses and prizes, as well as equipped with innovative features that are not found in any other company. NetEnt is always working to improve its content and constantly try to come up with new and original slots that will delight users with their winnings and visual component. All the slots of this company are made at the highest level. The excellent development team that works for this company works on creating unique content every day, so their games always take first place in the list of the best. Developers are real professionals in their field. They know how to surprise the user and what they need. Back in the nineties, they managed to overtake time and create content that would be innovative for several years to come. Thanks to their great ambitions and desire to become the best, they reached such a high level. Now they are known by absolutely every user who has been interested in the casino theme at least once. All customers are eager to cooperate with them, because they understand that this company is a real gold mine that will produce unique and interesting content for many years to come. Many competitors tried to copy them, but it was useless. NetEnt has been ahead for a long time and no one can provide the same quality except them. You may not have known, but NetEnt is a leader in the production of progressive jackpots. They were able to create their own network, which provided players with a stable profit from jackpots and thanks to which users could earn millions. All these criteria make NetEnt a better company of its kind. Let's talk a little about the history of this company, its beginning and development path.

The history of the formation

You probably know that NetEnt is just a short abbreviation that stands for Net Entertainment. Country-Sweden. The City Of Stockholm. Over time, as this company became established, they began to expand and currently have a huge number of points around the world. This huge location allows them to quickly communicate with customers around the world and offer their services to a larger number of users. The development team has more than a thousand employees who work tirelessly every day and produce real masterpieces in this industry. Many of these employees perform their tasks remotely. If you still don't understand what NetEnt is and what It does, we'll explain it to you now. NetEnt is an online casino game development Studio. They produce real masterpieces, which are later played by millions of people around the world. When you go to your favorite portal and start playing online slots, it is most likely that this slot was produced by NetEnt. As we know, this company is very popular among operators. This is due to the fact that games from this developer Studio attract a lot of people. Every online casino owner is committed to working with NetEnt. Because they always produce a quality product with interesting stories and lots of nice bonuses and prizes. I hope you now understand why NetEnt is better in this area, and why all operators are eager to get them. NetEnt has already developed so much in their business that they can even provide training courses for casino operators. They teach them marketing subtleties, help them gain the first audience, and of course provide their games for these casinos. These courses are always useful because NetEnt knows how to please customers and what needs to be done. After completing this course, casino operators can learn how to get the maximum profit from their online casinos, attract a huge number of customers, and operators can learn how to manage their establishment. All this also increases the influence and credibility of NetEnt in the gambling market. NetEnt is the fastest growing developer Studio that has managed to conquer the Italian market. They were the first to enter this land and immediately began to gain popularity. This event took place in 2011 and it was a real breakthrough in this industry. At that time, it was something unimaginable that a small development Studio could so quickly conquer new horizons and get a huge adoration of the public there. The popularity and recognition from this moment only began to grow, and at an incredible speed. All you need to understand about NetEnt is that They have built an excellent development concept from the very beginning, which is based on honesty, fairness and reliability. These three criteria helped them get proper approval from users and made them leaders in this segment. It should be understood that NetEnt is already too big a fish and small online casinos do not suit them. Their games can only be found in licensed online casinos that have all the necessary licenses and are regulated. NetEnt games are only available in countries where This type of activity is allowed. This approach is also an indicator of responsibility and reliability, which makes this company better all over the world. Since 2015, games from this developer Studio can be found in Spain and a number of other countries that have received permission to conduct this business. As countries grew, so did their influence on industry. Now every self-respecting person or entrepreneur must know about this company and take it into account. They have a huge impact on all activities and can regulate the conduct of certain areas. In the range of games from this developer Studio, you can find absolutely everything. There are even live slots that transmit images via video cameras. They have several of their own headquarters, where twenty-four by seven is live broadcast and live dealers on camera help customers experience the whole atmosphere of a live casino.

Absolutely everyone can try their luck in any slot you like from NetEnt. Without a doubt, you will find a slot machine that will draw you in, and you will win huge amounts of money in it. All you need to do is go to the official portal of your online casino, go to the games section and choose any game that suits your taste. We are sure that you will not be disappointed, as NetEnt is an indicator of quality and reliability. In addition, almost all NetEnt slot machines have very good validity and excellent RTP performance. You can safely be sure that you can win a huge amount of money. All it takes is a little bit of luck, which has brought you a fortune. NetEnt have carefully worked out their payout system and assure us that everyone has a chance to win a huge amount of money. If you are lucky, you can earn more than one million dollars from a single slot. If you are interested in such numbers, then you should definitely try slots from this developer. Speaking of fairness, NetEnt has always openly stated that they use a random number system to process the frequency of a winning combination. This criterion shows us that all winnings depend solely on luck and luck. Developers or operators have no control over this process. Of course, there are exceptions when some operators or manufacturers deliberately underestimate these indicators and set their own frequency. We do not support this phenomenon, so we never say anything about these companies. We only warn users that such and such a casino conducts dishonest activities and we do not recommend that you invest your money in this casino. Fortunately, NetEnt cooperates only with verified and regulated operators and provides its games only to honest casinos.

Sports betting

NetEnt is not only a brilliant developer of online casino games, but also has something else on its list of inventions. For example, a betting system for all sports. This feature came to us quite recently from this company. Apparently, they thought they could afford to create something like this, because it's starting to gain popularity. Sports betting is also a profitable business, but you can get caught by scammers who only deceive their users. Now that you know that the best developer Studio is doing this, you can safely take part in it. This feature is available directly during the game session in any slot machine. Now you can enjoy your favorite game in parallel, making bets on any sports. This innovation is an excellent indicator of responsibility. If they decide to release a separate betting widget right during the game. We can say with confidence that NetEnt is likely to launch its own bookmaker within a few years. This area of business is very popular and fast-growing in recent years. Since NetEnt is a leader and authority, they will definitely try their hand at this as well. We are sure that this will be the best, and most importantly, honest bookmaker that will think about its customers, and not just make money. As with slot machines, there are a lot of different representatives on the market of bookmakers who are engaged in this business. It is very difficult to find an honest and suitable one among them. Everyone sets their own odds for a particular match. We hope that NetEnt will get down to business and finally do something unique in this area.

Live casino

Gambling at the moment is a very complex and thorny business that requires a certain amount of creativity from the entrepreneur. All studios are trying to copy existing companies, thereby clogging the market with mediocre slot machines. NetEnt is the first company that was not afraid to release something of its own, something unique. This innovation was live online casinos, where live broadcasts of dealers were held. This innovation caused a real revolution in the gambling market. All users were looking forward to trying this feature. And, of course, it was a real breakthrough. Players got a lot of positive emotions when they visited slots with live dealers. They were transported back to the days when casinos were alive and all people came to special places to play slot machines or poker. With this innovation, it's time for nostalgia. Users feel comfortable and calm when you see with your own eyes how the dealer deals cards or turns the roulette wheel. The sounds of the hall and the tapping of glasses, all this caused a huge amount of emotions. The players were delighted with what they saw. This function has become a reference for every casino. Operators were required to provide users with this feature. So everyone ran to NetEnt and started working with Them. Who would have thought that such a rather dangerous innovation could make a real splash with this industry. Why dangerous? Because this function takes us back to the past, where it all started. The industry should develop, not degrade. Therefore, the function with live dealers was extremely doubtful. But NetEnt thought everything through and compiled certain statistics, which revealed that users should like this innovation. So it turned out, live casinos have become popular in all parts of the world and have a very large attendance. There are also special VIP rooms that can be accessed by those with a certain income. As a rule, these slots have a very large input bet amount, which will seem huge to many. But VIP is something special. There is a completely different atmosphere, and the amount of winnings is appropriate. For such slots, developers rent special rooms that are equipped in their own way. Dealers pass a lot of tests to become leaders. You don't just pay for those big winnings, you pay for an entire story that is written specifically for you. All live information is transmitted using modern technologies that can transmit images in the best possible quality using the best recording devices. NetEnt took a responsible approach to creating live casinos. Therefore, the opening was delayed. But after the release, everyone was surprised by the quality and elaboration of each type of casino. At the moment, you can find such types of live casinos: roulettes, Blackjack, and so on. All of them are unique and interesting. What is live roulette? When you switch to this slot, you will notice some similarities with the usual European roulette. This is evidenced by a single zero on the table. But in addition, players may notice a lot of interesting features that diversify your gameplay. For example, previous bids. What is it? This function allows you to view previous numbers that were dropped out. This feature allows players to radically change their game process. Now you can start analyzing past moves and draw appropriate conclusions and increase your chances of winning. It may seem to some that this is useless, but it is not so. To fully understand this feature, understand its pros and cons, you need to go to this site and try it yourself. We are sure that after the first game you will immediately understand why this is necessary. And you will constantly spend time at this slot. Special attention should be paid to the design of this slot. It is quite simple and convenient. Each new user will be able to quickly get used to and understand what's what. Each function, each item is in its usual place and is described quite clearly. There are no difficult words that can cause difficulties. In General, NetEnt made it specifically for people, not just what to release. They carefully thought out all the details of the production and interface, and also thought about optimizing for mobile devices. Mobile devices are an integral part of every person. Today, most users have their own smartphone with Internet access. Therefore, developers are required to release and optimize their gaming slots directly for the screens of smartphones or tablets under the control of all operating systems. NetEnt completely rewrote all their games for phone screens and were able to achieve minimal latency. Thanks to the latest technologies in this area, games from this developer Studio can be safely run on your smartphone or tablet without any problems. If you have a mobile device running Android or IOS, you can try your luck right on the way to work or school. Now your favorite games are always at your fingertips.

Demo mode

We are afraid to disappoint you, but it's impossible to play without investing real money. But there is one very attractive feature that is available in almost all NetEnt slots: the training Function. You can use it to practice and learn the basic actions on this slot. This feature is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. Beginners will learn the basics of this type of activity, and more experienced players will be able to find a suitable strategy for winning big money. Thanks to NetEnt, absolutely every user now has the opportunity to test their strength in demo mode. This mode uses in-game currency, which, unfortunately, can not be withdrawn to your wallet in reality.

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