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Evolution Gaming is one of the most popular and fast-growing developers of slot machines. Their games can be seen in absolutely all the leading online casinos without exception. In addition, this company is at a higher level than all its competitors. They produce software not only for online casinos, but also for live casinos. This feature allows you to reproduce the atmosphere of a live presence, excitement and everything related to it.

Evolution Gaming is an integral part of modern gaming culture. They improve and create completely exclusive products that are gaining popularity in a matter of days. Rich experience allows developers to experiment and come up with unusual features and bonuses.

Evolution Gaming has reached a completely new level and offers players to enjoy the live atmosphere of a real casino. Switching to one of the offered slots, you get into the real world of the casino, where a live croupier works. It is built in via live broadcast. This opportunity helps you remember the old days when gambling was just beginning. His spirit and mood.

Evolution Gaming has been awarded numerous awards for its games and unusual features and functionality. For nine years, this company has held a leading position in this business, which was awarded the EGR Awards. She also won a prize for the legendary lightning roulette.

Let's look at the most popular games of this company and find out what their main pros and cons are.

Board games are the best thing that has ever happened to gambling. Live broadcasts are unique and cause an indescribable feeling from the game process. From the first minutes of the game, you can feel the same excitement and mood.

If we talk about traditional games, it is of course Live roulette, Blackjack and Live baccarat. Each game is equipped with its own unique features and various bonus systems, so that players have many opportunities to win a huge amount of money. Evolution Gaming is serious about developing their games, so they assure us that the slots are completely brought to perfection and carefully designed.

If you are already tired of regular slot machines and want to try something new, then Evolution Gaming is what you need. Here you can take a break from the usual slots and enjoy unforgettable emotions and get a lot of adrenaline.


Evolution Gaming has never hidden and openly stated that it aims to conquer the European market. This is also due to the fact that the main headquarters is located in Riga. There were also live slot machines. Over time, the company expanded and came to the fact that there were more than a hundred playgrounds with live slot machines on the territory of Latvia. This indicator puts them in the top by the number of slots in Europe.

At the moment, it is known that the company already has six jobs, where live broadcasts are conducted. Some studios are even located in Malta and Belgium. If one of the clients wants to get a VIP pass, they can implement it. For this purpose, the company has special unique studios where broadcasts are held only for VIP users.

Since the company is located in Europe, it follows that the partners will also be from Europe. Evolution Gaming is running an honest and completely legitimate business. They have all the necessary documents that confirm the legality and legality of their activities. By the way, the company also has partners from Asia-William Hill. But this does not negate the fact that most of them come from European countries.

The company has grown so much that it has a huge number of dealers from all countries. This allows you to broadcast in different languages, so that all customers can choose the appropriate table with their native language. Many contract dealers work in their own countries. If a country is not in the list of available countries, but many users are asked to enter it, the company has always stated that it is ready to hire a dealer from this country so that you can enjoy their games to the fullest. For example, Denmark has a huge system of dealers who are ready to provide their services at any time.


When we describe Evolution Gaming, we always mention the fact that they allow operators to create competition between players over bets. And as an example, we cite the famous blackjack table. If in regular slots the interval between the bet size is determined by the operator, then the bet can be absolutely any from €5 and €1000. And if a person can't get on this table, then it is possible for them to pass for ten percent of the price. For large players, there are VIP tables where the minimum bet amount can be twenty thousand euros or forty. It is unlikely that you will ever find such a sum in the online casino.


No one will deny the fact that Evolution Gaming provides the best casino in the world with real dealers. This is a unique game management system and feels very different from regular slot machines. You won't find such a system from any game provider. I would also like to note that such a large amount of diversity does not leave us a chance to call them the only ones in the world who can provide such services. For example, take the number of languages you can play in, as well as the ability to make completely different bets from the smallest to the largest. The company has pulled ahead of its competitors and can afford unimaginable things. Game tables are adjusted to each user, for new players small bets, for hard-core customers large tables with incredible bets. You can make random bets – this is for real fans of hot emotions.

Evolution Gaming - these are real professionals in their field. They know what needs to be created and how to make it perfect. They take into account all the wishes of their customers, constantly work to improve the content being filled and are not afraid to experiment, live dealers are proof of this. All dealers received a complete course of study. They should be able to speak beautifully and clearly, have a good sense of humor, and have an attractive appearance. By the way, I can also become dealers.

A huge plus is that you can get up on the table using the bet behind function, that is, lower the minimum entry threshold to ten percent of the minimum bet. This feature allows a huge number of players to participate in any game without even having the necessary amount.

Of course, there are other game manufacturers on the market that provide the opportunity to conduct online broadcasts with dealers, but Evolution Gaming is the best of its kind. They have been in this business for more than a decade and have never issued low-quality content. This is always a carefully designed product that many users like. Absolutely all operators, without exception, want to see this company in the casino, because they are confident in their professionalism.


Everyone can play Evolution Gaming games for real money. This is not difficult at all, because it is natural, because to win money, you need to Deposit it first. But before we start, let's talk about a few things and answer questions that will help you determine:

  • Are you ready to try all the company's games, even those that are not in high demand among players?
  • How important is it for you that the company often releases new interesting offers for casinos?
  • Additional bonus programs should affect one or more of the company's games?

Many game manufacturers embed special welcome bonuses in their games, which can give various pleasant options. For example, free spins on the Dream Catcher slot machine.


Evolution Gaming casino is an online casino that mostly includes games from this manufacturer. Of course, you can also see other manufacturers, but mostly these are only games from the Evolution Gaming company. Games can be presented in various variations, but the main thing is:

  1. The provider constantly provides new games for this casino.
  2. Operators have in their Arsenal absolutely all games of this manufacturer from new to the oldest.
  3. Providing all promotions and bonus offers that are required for a particular slot machine.
  4. The operator must add new products that have just been released within a short time.
  5. Operators must provide exclusive games from this provider.


Of course you can. Most online casinos that cooperate with Evolution Gaming can provide such an opportunity. The company understands that the player first needs to practice, and only then start the game itself. Therefore, everyone can switch to a special mode where they will be credited with game money that they can play with. You can't withdraw these coins, which is quite logical. To earn real money, you need to top up your account. In addition, after the first Deposit, you will be credited with additional funds due to the welcome bonus. In all casinos, the amount after which the bonus will be credited to you is different. Therefore, before adding money, read the rules of the site, and then you can add money.

To avoid searching for the right operator for a long time, you can go to our site in the necessary section and find a list of all available online casinos that can give free games. Most of them have already switched to the latest version of HTML 5, which allows you to consistently play new developers. The main thing is to install Flash Player, but you will be warned about it in advance after clicking on the link.

All games are optimized for different screens and login methods: smartphone, tablet, PC, and so on. They are also optimized for all operating systems, whether android or ios. In addition, Evolution Gaming casino offers its customers to take advantage of no Deposit bonuses, which allows the player not to spend their money on the game. However, there are not many such casinos, so you will have to spend a lot of time searching for them. And besides, such bonuses are often very small and have any restrictions. So, if you are serious and want to win huge amounts of money, then you will definitely have to part with your money.


Immersive Roulette slot game

This is one of the best and most innovative games of this decade. It is unique and is assigned to the premium class. This game can quickly attract an audience and make them spend a lot of time here. It's just perfect for cross-selling. In it, players can get a lot of unforgettable emotions.

The game has a live broadcast mode enabled. In a special place, several cameras are installed, which are aimed at the dealer and the wheel. This feature allows players to watch the entire process live and experience real feelings as if they are in a live casino. Players can watch the ball spin where it fell. The cameras are equipped with the most advanced components, which allows you to shoot in HD format at a speed of two hundred frames per second. During a winning combination, the speed slows down so that players can see where the ball fell.

Immersive Roulette was appreciated by all operators of the world and received an award for this in 2014.


This is an improved version of the familiar Live Baccarat. It increases the speed of the bet selection and ball rotation. Here you can get unforgettable emotions, because everything happens several times faster. Now the round time will be only twenty-seven seconds. Twenty-seven tense seconds.


Low-stakes Blackjack is now available live. You are ready to plunge into an excellent world with beautiful ladies and scaled bets. The dealers are a young couple who will amuse you throughout the process. There are seven people at the table. There are side bets, doubling and splitting pairs. In addition, players can place bets whenever they want, until everyone else makes a decision. If there are available seats, then those who are already playing can take their place and place another bet. The excellent mechanics of playing in a compartment with excellent presenters makes this slot machine unique and energetic.


As in the previous version of the game, this is exactly the same Live Baccarat only at a fast pace. Now players do not have to wait long for the end of the round, everything happens quickly. Players need to make a bet in the shortest possible time, and then time flies, there is no time to wait for a long time. The duration of one round is twenty-seven seconds. In the standard version of the game, the duration was forty-eight seconds.


This is probably the best game made in the Asian style. Players can enjoy the atmosphere of a classic casino located somewhere in Asia. The table is shaped like a Bob, just like in a classic casino, and the cards are dealt face down. On the Internet, you can't find a better slot that conveys this atmosphere so well.

The slot includes additional features that allow you to make side bets, view statistics, and you can also watch past moves of competitors and draw some conclusions based on this information. Just a great slot machine that you will definitely enjoy. To be transported to the live room of an Asian casino and become a part of it, don't you want that? Rather, go to the official website of the casino and start winning.


This is the best and unique roulette game you have ever seen. Excellent visual range fully corresponds to a specific theme. Plus, there is a chance to win a huge jackpot in each round thanks to RNG Lucky Number. Everything you know about roulette is here, only now in the format of a live broadcast. Live dealers, a full line of bets and much more are waiting for you in our casino.

Only in Lightning Roulette you can beat out a lightning number from one to five and get an additional multiplier on your bet. This slot is unique due to its light and music accompaniment, fast games and lots of positive emotions.


This is a one-of-a-kind slot where players can watch the process in the first person, chat and be charged with positive emotions from scoring a goal. Football Studio First Person is a fast-paced card game made in a football style, and conveys the very emotions that we experience when attending football matches. In this game, only two cards are dealt face down. The game table is illuminated, which adds even more entourage. When someone wins, the entire table starts to light up and blink, and dynamic melodies are played. The combination of all these qualities makes this slot the best of its kind.

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