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NetGame was established back in 2009. They have been striving to enter the world markets of online slot machines since the beginning of the stratum, which apparently did well. The company is continuously developing and introducing more and more innovations in its games. As you can already understand, their activity's central area is to create slot machines, and they do not plan to switch to other specializations yet.

Let's talk a little about the site's external and internal design, its functionality, and some features. NetGame puts a lot of emphasis on the plot and graphic component of slots. Experts work hard to create each slot machine: unique design, memorable characters, and unforgettable soundtracks. More than a hundred artists, designers, and musicians work tirelessly every day to ensure that the final result is at the highest level. Absolutely every slot is made with a soul, and it is noticeable from the first minutes spent in the game. This company sets the pace in this industry and makes its competitors very nervous.


The main task facing developers is to cheer up the user, give him the opportunity to relax from the daily hustle, and feel at least a little free. Of course, this goal is set for everyone who develops online casinos, but NetGame does it uniquely.

As we mentioned earlier, the main focus is on graphics and animation: 3D and 2D effects, unique background images, detailed character design, and many other features.

It is also worth highlighting the excellent approach to the bonus feature. They are not afraid to experiment and come up with something that may not appeal to everyone. This approach keeps NetGame at the top of the global industry. It would seem that how can a Ukrainian company become the best in the world? Obviously, not everything is as simple as it may seem at first glance. NetGame is a revolutionary company that has its own excellent view of the world around us. They couldn't have done it without hard work.

Like many other companies, NetGame introduces a variety of bonus mechanics to its slots that allow players to win even more money. They will improve their system every day and are not afraid to experiment with it. Ambitious goals are not the key to victory, essential to be able to implement them. And the company is proving every year that it can and will create something that no one has yet thought of.

All of you are probably already familiar with such a slot machine as Mega Fortune. It is the most popular and famous slot machine in all corners of the world. It uses such a feature as a progressive jackpot, which can bring great money. For example, one user managed to win €17.8 million in 2013, after which this case was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the most massive win in the history of the casino. The list of famous slot machines can also include Hall of Gods and Arabian Nights from NetGame Entertainment.

In 2014, NetGame received the legendary Slot Provider of the Year Award and many other awards.

The developer Studio always takes care of and helps its clients deal with problems during the game. Absolutely everyone can contact the support service and ask questions. They will always try to understand you and help you find answers. The qualities that are valued in the NetGame team are responsiveness and friendliness.

NetGame has been the best provider of online casino software for many years. Their games can be found in almost every popular casino that exists at the moment.


NetGame has all the necessary licenses and confirmations. The random number generator installed on all slot machines has been tested and confirmed by Gaming Labs International. Many online casino developers do not release their own games. They allow other companies to post content on their own page. This approach enables you to perform your work more effectively. But the bigger the company gets, the more opportunities it has to implement its own projects. For example, you can take Microgaming; they only create games for online casinos and release them on various platforms, allowing the casino to focus on its primary responsibility – management.

Along with Microgaming, NetGame Entertainment is also engaged in the same activity as mentioned above. Initially, these two companies went toe-to-toe and were not inferior to each other in anything. Still, NetGame quickly identified what the consumer needs and began to gain momentum in this segment. Next, we'll talk about what attracted users to NetGame games, and why They became so popular.


Few people know, but NetGame was founded back in 1996, but this year is the date of the Foundation of local casinos, not online services. They only went online in 2009. This was the beginning of the birth of gambling as an industry. The company tried to keep up with the times, set the pace, and develop original games that will appeal to a broad audience. They were able to win the trust and respect of the public by their single-mindedness. They were considered and even feared because such a competitor could not be underestimated.

NetGame is a large family business that has been on the market for more than forty years. The history of this company began in the sixties when the casino did not exist in principle. One of the founder's sons decided to continue his father's tradition and started developing casino games. The business overgrew, so the young man took up work in earnest.

In 2016, during the rapid rise of smartphones and tablets, NetGame switched to this niche. They started adopting their games for mobile devices. They made a vast fortune from it—only forty percent of the revenue they received from this platform. The company owners are real professionals; they see the future and calculate their plans for the future. Thanks to this, we can confidently say that NetGame will remain the leader for a very long time.


The game offers from NetGame are in demand in all corners of the world. They outperform their competitors in every aspect and are ahead of them by several years. Fast adaptation to mobile devices, VR games-this, is only part of what they have achieved. Everyone who has tried to play games from this company at least once in their life knows that they are unique and really fascinating.

When we make a rating of attractive slots for online casinos, this company's games will always occupy the top positions. If you have never tried games from NetGame, then you have lost a lot. Go to any online casino, enter the game, and you will understand why they are the best.


NetGame pays a lot of attention to graphics. This is noticeable immediately after going to the main page of the slot machine. The unique style characteristic of each device can be traced from the first minutes spent. It is your own style that makes each game unique and unusual.

After going to the main page, you will find a sophisticated animation of several characters, their slot against Vegas's background.

Smoke coming from a smoldering cigarette, women's hair flowing from light wind, they move slowly, and you can feel them breathing. The background is also crucial, so you should not forget about it: the flickering of city lights that attract your attention. This attitude to the visual component of the site deserves respect. They use this approach in absolutely all their games.



What comes to your mind when you think of casinos, roulette, big winnings, most likely it is the legendary city of Las Vegas. This city has long established itself as the capital of gambling. Many people flock to earn vast bundles of money. Everything you dream of can come true here. If you are lucky, you will become incredibly rich, and maybe Vice versa.

Hit in Vegas is a slot machine that is designed in the style of Las Vegas and its unforgettable adventures. The player can plunge into this incredible world, feel, at least for a minute, what it is like to be there and enjoy the game. And the music perfectly conveys the mood and spirit of this place. In General, the combination of excellent graphics, animation, and music creates a complete harmony of everything.

Hit in Vegas has five reels, three symbols, and forty pay lines. The symbols are quite familiar and straightforward: a green seven, a bar, dice, a cherry, a wheel, cards, etc. There are also wild symbols that are represented as diamonds. Poker chips represent the scatter symbols. The player may receive payoffs at any multiplier position is increased to twenty-five. If the traditional way of winning is not enough for you, you can wait for the bonus feature to give you thousands of times more.

Two social functions are triggered by a unique symbol-the wheel. The first function is the money wheel. You need to spin it to get your prize. Sixteen sectors have a reward of up to 1000x of the bet amount. You can only spin the wheel once, and the amount of winnings depends on the number of multipliers you get.

The second feature is the bonus wheel. It also has sixteen sectors, each of which can have a random number of bonus spins. A common symbol may fall out, or if you are lucky, a wild one.

Hit In Vegas is a fantastic world in the style of Las Vegas. Go to any online casino and immerse yourself in this beautiful gaming atmosphere.


Fortune Cash is a slot machine that is presented in a night design. You will briefly feel like a real rich man, as the gameplay is full of various riches.

This slot is represented by more than two hundred lines and forming combinations. You can only beat out wild symbols on the third and fourth reels, and they can also be stacked, which helps to form combinations. There are also other special symbols: a wheel and a bag of money. These are scattered, each of which triggers a new bonus feature.

The first bonus feature is the wheel of fortune, which has several types of prizes. You have to make a spin, and if you are lucky, you will win a decent amount of money. With these spins, you can get more than ten additional free spins, which increases to 2x.

The second function is the money bag. The player will have to choose one of three money bags, which hides a particular prize. The maximum payout is 50x of the total bet amount.


You are ready to take all the leprechaun gold. Then CloverStones is waiting for you. Start your journey through the vast forest world, where you will have to collect gold and meet incredible wonders.

Clover Stones has more than twenty pay lines. When any combination is formed, all symbols explode, thereby making room for new ones. After you put together a variety, one of the mushrooms begins to light up. If you collect five consecutive combinations, you can open an additional bonus feature – free spins.

Free spins reveal the full potential of the stones. All in the game are six symbols of rocks, some of them can act as wild. The bonus program can be extended by collecting five more consecutive combinations.

Win-free spins can also open a bonus feature where you need to catch the special Lucky Mill 3x3 symbol. If you are lucky and hit this symbol, you will get five different prizes that act as multipliers for your bet.


Volcano Fruits is a progressive slot machine with five reels, four rows, and fifty pay lines. In the center is the wild, which can bring instant winnings if you collect from three symbols. If you fill twenty positions with this symbol, you can win the jackpot.

There are also free spins that bring winnings in coins with a multiplier of up to ten. By collecting the full screen of the wild Joker, your winnings increase by a thousand times of the bet amount. If you hit the full-screen Joker during the free spins, the coefficient increases ten thousand times from the 10x multiplier. The jackpot is fifty thousand pounds.

In the volcano slot machine's background, you will see lava, leaves waving on the sides. The symbols are fruits, bells, single, double, and triple.

There is also a Female Joker in this game. Pleasant, relaxing music is great for the sound design of the game. The graphic and animation component is made in the usual style for the company.

If you love classic slots with modern features, then Volcano fruit Is what you need. It contains all the current, popular features that are available today. You can try 100 more Joker Stacks and Fruits & Jokers from Playson.


Modern, colorful, and dynamic slots have filled all online casinos. NetGame decided to go back in time and resurrect the one-armed bandits from the dead. We present to your attention the Red Hot Chili 7s slot machine.

Red Hot Chili 7s has three reels and five pay lines, all in classic style. If you hit three symbols on the same line, you get your winnings. The developers also decided to add additional features, although this is not customary in old slots.

The slot's main feature is that even if you hit one wild symbol, you get a win. Wild symbols can replace regular ones and bring a multiplier from 3 to 9x.

And, of course, free spins. When you launch the Scatter feature, you get free spins. The multiplier for spins is from 2 to 7x.


If you want to be closer to nature, then Wild Buffalo is precisely what you need. All the secrets and secrets of the Indians are now in your hands. You will have to follow these beautiful animals' path and solve the mystery of four jackpots that will bring you additional spins and a lot of multipliers.

More than a thousand winning combinations. The most valuable symbol is Buffalo, which also has wild symbols and scatters.

As in all such slots, you need to collect a combination of three scatter symbols to start the bonus program. Start the wheel and get your winnings. There are two wheels: a large one and a small one.

A player can only get one of the four jackpots or free spin in the big one. The largest one brings up to two thousand multipliers. In the small one, you get fifteen free spins.

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