Win the tournament & get your prize instantly
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    1st Magore
    Prize : 50 FS
    2nd Fantomas
    Prize : 40 FS
    3rd Marona
    Prize : 30 FS
    4th Зомби
    Prize : 20 FS
    5th Gho
    Prize : 10 FS
    Time remaining
    00 m 00 s
    Min. Bet
    Remaining spins
     Into the Wild
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    00 m 00 s
  • Happening
    00 m 00 s
Detailed info about the tournaments at ReelEmperor
How To Join
Click the “Participate in Tournament” button to join. Each player has 4 hours and 500 spins to get as many tournament points as possible. Go into the game and collect tournament points based on your winnings.
The leaderboards are ranked and updated in real time. They show the number of tournament points for each player. Points are awarded for winnings in tournament games, based on the payout of each win. Get 2 points for a win up to 10x, 10 points for a win from 10x to 25x and 100 points for a win for 25x or more.
Tournament Limitations
Each tournament consists of only one tournament game. The number of bets is limited to 500 per tournament. The minimum bet level to participate is indicated on the card of each tournament. The maximum bet is unlimited. Each tournament runs for 4 hours.
Tournament prizes are no-deposit free spins without any wager requirements. Free spins are awarded automatically at the end of the tournament. Each tournament has 5 places which receive prizes. Winners share a prize pool of 150 free spins. The higher the place on the leaderboard, the greater the prize.