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Space Evader Gold

A humanoid-cosmonaut is a main character of the Space Evader Gold mini-game by Miscogaming. The game is designed as a typical board game with throwing a dice and playing a hand. A very funny animation of the game will impress players and increase their hazard to win the jackpot.

In that mini-game humanoid landed up on the unknown planet which is not that easy to leave. To come back to his spaceship he needs to make a journey of 48 steps and avoid traps during it. The trick is that there are only 8 leads for that.

The game will end if the humanoid will use all 8 leads, find golden crystal, reach the spaceship or step on the death symbol. There are control spots in the game and when humanoid reach them this guarantee the win. The further he gets the higher become the gain. To take part in jackpot player should reach the spaceship or find the golden crystal.

Space Evader Gold will bring a lot of joy for fans of board games and lead the player to a big jackpot.