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Premier Trotting

Microgaming Company makes the game Premier Trotting. This is a mixture of a lottery and a slot machine. Here the user makes wagers on horses and jockeys, and enjoy a vivid picture and generous gifts.

The game accepts two variants of wagers:

  • On the champion. This rate offer up the max win.
  • On the horse. In addition, if the horse obtains the top three place, then the gamer may win.

Moreover, if the act launches in the "Expert" mode, more stake capabilities become accessible.

Additional function:

  • The capacity to skip the animated cartoon by clicking the button Skip Race and anyone may instantly see the results.
  • Furthermore to this, the game keeps statistics of bouts and info about horses that participate in heats.

Everyone can play heats for free and without recording somewhere to get to know the rules of the game and adjust itself for winning, not for losing.

To run the game you are allowed to:

  1. pick on the horse you want;
  2. put a wager on it:
  3. adjust its height;
  4. run the lap by clicking on the button Race Now.

The race lasts about a minute, but everyone may speed it up. At the end of the act, a table appears with info about the chief three champions and the info about the winnings. To replay the round the gamer must push the button Replay Race or Next Race. If someone wants to begin a new lap, he or she ought to solve the problem with the wager firstly. Everyone may leave the wager the same by pushing the button Repeat wagers or make a next one by pushing the button Clear All Bets. Acting for cash in an online casino may bring both an essential win and losses. And, if you want to receive a good cash from the acting you should to know where to stop in time, rest a little and with new forces begin the battle.