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Mahjong Exchange

Microgaming developer took the national Chinese game Mahjong Exchange and turned it into a roulette-style game. It is played on a rectangular green board similar to that of a roulette layout. On this board, there are 34 tiles face down and two points: an X and a 1. After the player chooses the tile and drags it to “1” point, the game starts. This tile determines the winner. After this, the players can start placing their bets.

The game offers lots of wagers. Though they may seem well-known, their names and specifics are quite different. In this game one bet is compulsory, but the players are also allowed to make as many bets as they wish. All other options are clearly described in the rules.

After all the bets are made, you have to show the chosen tile and see if you have any winning bets. But if you want to exchange the tile and select another, all your bets will be paid at that point and the new round will start.