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Craps is a simple and interesting game introduced and powered by the gaming giant Microgaming. You can use chips value from 1 to 200 credits giving a wide range of winning opportunities. The interface is well-designed and intuitive. The gaming field is divided into three sectors for bets colored in white, yellow and red to avoid any confusion.

The main attribute of the Craps game is dice. To win the user should place beets and throw the dice guessing the winning combinations. The game also provides new-entries with tutorials for those who have never been engaged to the process enabling to simplify the diving into the gameplay.

Craps is based on the principles of classic game rules. There are two levels in the game. The first one is Come Out Roll, the second - Point Roll. During the first stage the Point value is set. If the value on the dice equals 4-10, the Point is set and the game shifts to the next stage. The 2, 3 or 12 value leads to the loss. 7 or 11 means the player wins. In the second stage the participant rolls the dice and waits for 7 or the Point value.

The game offers a large variety of stakes including the Pass Line (applied for the first stage of the game), Don’t Pass Line (lucky combos are 2 and 3, loosing ones -7 and 11), Come (7 as well as 11 bring the award, 2,3 together with 12 - failure), Don’t Come (wins if the dice hits 2 or 3), Pass Line Odds and other stakes, allowing to snatch a large award.